Is it that easy to become popular on Instagram?

In order for an Instagram post to reach the top, you need to interact with it. The minimum ─ is a large number of likes. If the post is interesting, viewers will go to the profile and the first thing they will do is look at the number of followers. When a person sees that there are a lot of them, chances are they will become one of your followers.

This is very useful for commercial profiles and blogger accounts. That’s why they don’t neglect to add likes and followers on Instagram. What are the ways to get likes and which of them is more convenient, we are talking about in this article.


Why do you need to gain followers and likes?


It’s commonly believed that the rise to the top of profiles happens more often on those pages with more followers/content engagement. There is some truth in that. This is why recruiting followers is so relevant for business people, as the likelihood of buying goods and services on an empty, inactive page is extremely low. Bloggers also get followers because they are interested in recruiting the initial audience, as well as advertising revenue.


The main purpose of the recruitment of likes and followers in Instagram ─ quality promotion of the account with minimal investment. It can also:


  • Increase the number of followers from the CA followed by the sale of your products;
  • Increase popularity of the profile, bringing the account to the top;
  • Enable you to monetise your page to make money from advertising;
  • The effect of visually “revitalising” the account, which attracts attention.


All of these can have a positive impact on a profile, and in turn serve as the basis for building a selling business page or online shop. You can help yourself and buy instagram followers.


There are many types of scam, but the algorithms are getting stricter and you have to look for methods that won’t get your account blocked. For example, the three most “live” free types:


  • An unregistered method on any resources. Here you negotiate with another user for a mutual favour, in this case to “Like” and/or “Subscribe”. To do this, you have to find suitable profiles on your own. There are also specialized resources that offer a similar service. The difference is that you do not have to “run around” the social network looking for the right account, as the system itself will offer them.
  • The exchange is similar to the previous method. However, it is a specialized platform where anyone can register and receive likes, comments and subscriptions by performing tasks.
  • Using services / software. A vast majority of these services are online, and some of them do not require a password for your Instagram account. The advanced ones gain followers/ likes from real people. The main drawback of the method is the increased risk of account blocking.


Paid promotion


A special attention should be paid to the opportunity to buy instagram followers. This is the easiest method, which is offered on special resources.

A large number of followers visually increases the credibility of the person who sees the profile. And that means he can become a subscriber and possibly a customer (if you have a commercial account).




In 2022, the number of likes has lost the importance it had a couple of years ago. Algorithms now take into account audience engagement, i.e. comments, views, and number of followers. The greater this figure, the greater the likelihood of reaching the top. Choose proven services and legal ways. And most importantly – approach any task wisely!


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