Philosophy of theatrical expressionism

Expressio Saying, personality in literature and art of their initial years of the 20th century (1905-1925), among those regions of the European populous.

Started at Europe like an Answer into this Intense societal tragedy of this very first quarter of this 20th century (even that the very first global war, even that the meltdown of this Austro-Hungarian Empire, along with radical upheavals), also it turned into a reflection of protest towards the societal consequences of this era. Disappointment in man and society, mysterious horror previous to called O. Spengler the decrease in Europe, the familiarity with this revolution and also the utopian necessitate worldwide unity at the surface of common tragedy have turned into Cultural information of their brand new stream. At the middle of this arty planet of this expressionist “scene of this stunned spirit” of the man.

Your negativity expressionism differs from impressionism, together with its positive understanding of the planet. Among all of the audacious tendencies of this ancient century, specifically expressionism is distinguished by means of a seriousness of aim. That clearly was not any elegant trickery, outrageousness, that will be normal of Dadaism and futurism. Expressionism was compared to surrealism, phoning into the subconscious, symbolism, along with naturalism. Expressionism most certainly shown from the craft of those nations, and also the warfare changed the maximum: Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, also a supply he obtained in Belgium, Romania, Poland.

Philosophical foundation the abstract teachings of Expressionism has been deformation of this thing of artwork, watching it being a style of boosting inventive expressiveness. The consequence of certain expressionistic stimulation exist from the paintings from E. Munch, O. Kokoschka, gruesome fiction books Kafka’s that the Castle and also Marinka Golem, at which celebration concurrently grow in various heads (that the so called sequential pondering or mythical subtext of this labor).

In play and theater expressionism Originated in Drawing and painting on. The definition of “expressionism” was utilized in printing from 1911 Herwarth Walden, creator of this artwork publication Sturm (1910-1932) and also the eponymous Berlin gallery, event at which he also exhibited paintings by artists of contemporary “Blue riders” affiliation “Bridge”: V. Kandinsky, Franz Marc, E. L. Kirchner, M. Pehshteyna, E. Heckel, K. Schmidt-Rotlufa, E. Nolde.

Their functions, relate into the sharp shade contrasts, adventuresome chiaroscuro, spatial offsets for its gruesome and hyperbole, determined the creation of cinematic and stage expressionism. Approximately the German and Korean magazines since “Assault”, “voucher” (1911-1933), “Weissen Blatter” (1913-1921) had been showcased additionally authors, artists, playwrights, theater and movie characters.

Exaltation, pictures actual proportions in Drawing and painting, turned expressionist engage in at the “drama shout”. This had been all “over” she handed the dreadful air at that summertime of Wars and revolutions aren’t attempting to reality picture of the age. Hasenclever at The opinion to a few of the plays composed: “that the full time for actions would be now, the Set of activity the whole world”.

Expressionism refused the custom of this Realist and naturalist play: the illusion of actuality, the ideal emotional Motivation. The figures form of individualization (frequently nameless “dad”, “kid”, “woman”) and functioned since Mouthpieces of these notions expressed from the speech of pathos and also metaphors. Drama functions less one device and split in to Many of both loosely related episodes. Each spectacle has been made Expressing the sole most crucial for this theory that the kind of play, sensed with the symbolists F. Wedekind The activity generally happens in an conventionally historic or Great placing. The impact of this film influenced the harvest, the fragmentation Of scenes, even the sketchiness of graphics and ease of dialog, brief lines.

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