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Profits of the US theatres

Theatres of the United States is mostly commercial enterprises that are not subsidized by the state, and working on sustainability. Nearly all American theaters cope without government support as their livelihoods. The area itself, the culture is completely private Autonomous sphere of activity. In the United States do not like the state theatre and the media, museums, publishing houses.

In the US there are more than 100 thousands of organizations of culture and art, which have a combined annual income of more than $120 billion. Of the 30 billion budget, non-commercial activities of American culture, 10% state support at the Federal or regional, or local levels. However, these funds are transferred to private special funds, like the national culture Fund.

It is believed that the distribution of funds should be handled by experts in the field of art, not the officials. The rest of the resource consists of charitable private donations and the income generated by the sale of tickets and services. In the United States for almost a hundred years, the law automatically excludes from taxation the funds that were sent for culture. That’s why America is enough patrons willing to support the culture.

Broadway theatre center USA

In America there are more than 3,000 theaters. But the most famous theatres located on Broadway theater district of new York. On the street there are a few theatres, most are on side streets radiating from Broadway. In the theater district and Broadway are about 40 big theatres. Modern Broadway symbolizes American culture. Every year, the theatre brings Broadway to the city more than $ 5 billion as direct and indirect income.

A significant amount of income bring of staging musicals. The statistics is that the average of the four performances, only one pays costs and make a profit. The average budget of the musical 15-25 million dollars, the fees for one night are in the order of 150-250 thousand dollars in ticket prices from 100 to 200 dollars. To master such the costs of the bar may be a few theaters, so a significant part of theatres oversee theatrical mega holding possessing enormous financial resources.

Among performances, there are musicals that have been in theaters and generate enormous profits. For example, “the phantom of the Opera” is at the theater since 1984, and brought their owners more than 3.5 billion dollars, ahead; the world-famous “Titanic”.

Drama is mainly concentrated off Broadway that offer the audience is usually a good non-profit art with quite reasonable prices for a ticket. Very often such performances invite the famous Hollywood actors such as Alec Baldwin, Christopher Plummer and a number of other actors to attract viewers.

Typical of American theaters is the fact that theatres no permanent acting troupes. Neither the Directors or actors nor artists do not receive a regular salary in the Russian concept. For each project invites a new cast of performers participating in the performance. At the end of the contract does not bother anyone who is going to do. Sometimes many actors moonlight as salesmen or waiters.

The number of unemployed theater in new York, the highest in America. At the same time, all this creates a competitive environment that survive only the most talented and energetic representatives of theatrical caste. Requirements for actors is quite hard. On the casting choosing actors, has many talents aside from acting need to be able to do a somersault, immediately to professionally sing an Aria, dance a step, play a piece of staging, and everything must be bright and talented. It is here that high standards of performance skills and directing.

The theater season 2011-2012 Broadway, despite the many economic difficulties of the country, has set a record revenue amounted to 1.14 billion dollars. Such a high box office in the Broadway theatre were not collected. The true reason for revenue growth is to raise prices on tickets. At the same time, experts note a reduction in the number of viewers to 12, 53 million people, is about 200 thousand less than last season.

It should also be noted that approximately 70% of the audience is made up of immigrants, mostly tourists, and a fifth of the audience is a foreigner. Of the three viewers, two are representatives of the weaker sex. The most popular continue to be musicals, among them, the highest attendance was at the “Mama Mia”, his income was 934 million dollars. Not less of the audience gathered and the musical “Spiderman: turn off the dark”, the revenues amounted to 186 million dollars. Only two of these musical collected more than 75% of the audience is about 10 million people.

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