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Each of us is under the influence of stress and emotions: some people can cope with it, and some cannot. Also, even if you don’t really believe in horoscopes, you can find many ideas and tips on how to overcome stress in our article. What is the right way to relieve stress for each zodiac sign?


Aries are temperamental and hyperactive. They are constantly on the go, with adrenaline coursing through their veins. Aries wrestle with the world, problems, and opponents. They can work at high speed and in nervous situations for a long time, but even they sometimes need to relax. The way to relieve stress for an Aries is to stay quiet for a period of time. As an Aries, you should spend the day with a book, cup of tea, live casino or go alone to nature.


Taurus takes their work, their responsibilities, and themselves very seriously. They want to be professional in every way and they hate criticism terribly. In situations where they are subjected to prolonged pressure or attacks from their environment (especially if they are accused of incompetence), Taurus must find a moment to de-stress. The way to relieve stress for a Taurus is to do some meditation and look inside yourself.



Geminis like things to happen. They feel best among people, being able to socialize, gossip, talk about themselves and their thoughts. And some Geminis prefer complete solitude – they willingly go on a trip to unexplored places, climb mountains, wander through deserted valleys. That’s why you can choose a climbing wall or take a bike ride through the woods as a Gemini.



Cancerians value their personal space very much. This is where they feel most comfortable. In everyday life, the most important thing for them is a sense of security, both in relation to their partner (they need to feel that they are there and not going to leave) and in work (when their position hangs in the balance, Cancers go into hysterics). For a cancer, a way to relieve stress is to do yoga at home or meditate in nature.



People of this sign strive to gain a sense of control over the world, their work and the people in their personal environment – whether over their subordinates, their partners or their children. When a person under this sign realizes they have no influence over anything, they begin to experience anxiety, which then builds up. The way to relieve stress for Leo is through affirmations, visualizing a white ball of light and the classic ten deep breaths.



Virgos are conscious, sensitive people. They work on a problem-solving basis, trying to simplify and solve every problem as much as possible. Virgo people lose their temper when it turns out that a problem can’t be squeezed into a proven form. The way to relieve stress for Virgos is to take a break from the problem



Libra gives the impression of a calm and balanced person every day – because that’s what it is. But only when everything goes right. If something upsets the balance, Libras are confused and very unhappy. They are especially affected by any conflicts with their environment. A way to relieve stress for Libras is through art workshops. Ceramics and self-made jewelry will do.



Scorpios do not reveal their feelings and seem always relaxed and immune to nervous The way to deal with this is to defuse the negative emotions is to go in for kickboxing, karate or boxing.



Sagittarians are agile, impulsive, and impatient. They are ready to start new projects, decide to take a challenge, take risks at work or in love. Stress, uncertainty, and frustration arise soon after starting a venture if it does not produce immediate results. This causes frustration and anger in Sagittarius. For Sagittarius, the way to deal with stress is to meet with friends or take a spontaneous trip.



Capricorns are organized, calm and balanced. They build a wall of professionalism around themselves – doing their job regardless of hostile external factors. However, in everything they take on, they have to be flawless. If they fail at something, Capricorns lose confidence and peace of mind. The same thing happens when a Capricorn is overloaded informationally. The way to cope with stress for Capricorn is to relax in a warm bath.



Aquarians are the most independent representatives of the Zodiac. They can’t handle all forms of slavery, from imposing their point of view on them to working certain hours and limiting them in relationships. When forced into submission, Aquarius struggles and feels unhappy. The way to deal with this is to go somewhere away from people.



They are sensitive, gentle, they don’t like confrontation, competition, or a dull routine. It is such situations that cause stress for those born under this sign. If an argument with a colleague, a public scandal with a boss, or a public speech happens, Pisces needs time to recover. The way to cope with stress for Pisces is with a loved one. As much as you’d like to burrow deep under the covers and pretend the world just isn’t around, you don’t have to choose that route. Instead, it’s better to call a friend and make an appointment to meet him or her in a quiet, cozy, cafe.

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