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Top P2E Projects to Invest In and Earn Real Rewards

Games based on the blockchain are not losing their popularity. They are an excellent choice if you’re a game enthusiast who would like to have a chance to earn extra cash by having fun.

Though the P2E sphere is a great and lucrative sphere that develops every single day, don’t expect to earn a fortune at once when starting to play. It will not make you rich overnight: instead, be ready to devote some time regularly and be a clever user of game resources to get something from them.

Here we handpicked a number of projects that are obviously worthy of your attention, so check them out. By the way, if you are looking where to convert USD to XMR or other altcoins, check out a reputable exchange service

What Blockchain Games Are Impressive Enough to Try in 2022

Now, there is no such thing as a perfect NFT game because it all depends on personal preferences and experience. Moreover, there are different formats of games, starting from farming games and finishing with battle and competition games. All of them pose different requirements and offers.

On this list, there are easy to start games that can turn out useful for you.

  1. Battle Infinity.

By its genre, it is a fantasy sports game, but in fact, the project includes both a marketplace and a virtual reality. What we especially like here is the freedom to choose which way you would like to earn money. This can be anything from winning a league or match, staking crypto, selling rare NFTs, swapping game currency, and more.

  1. Decentraland.

This highly popular metaverse project includes opportunities to sell virtual land as NFTs. A lot of celebrities have been members of this game, and this even drove the prices of some plots of land up: if a famous person owned it, there was a queue of those who wanted to purchase it.

But that is not all: many events are hosted on the platform and unite a circle of fans around them. Even though the price of a plot might reach a few thousand dollars now, the game is free to play and easier to start than its competitors.

  1. Gods Unchained.

This is another free to play P2E project that is defined as a virtual card trading game. One needs no prior investments to start playing, and lets gamers rely on their skills and wit alone.

The project is perfect for strategic players who love to and can count several steps ahead: only, in this case, you are going to get the above-average profit. The central place is given to cards – NFTs with different strengths, weaknesses, and values. They can be leveled up with the in-game currency (GODS).

  1.  Illuvium.

The open-world blockchain game Illuvium is another promising project with an excellent role-play element. You are going to find yourself in the fantasy world where your task is to chase and catch creatures called Illuvials which have different classes and affinities.

Next, you get them into your collection, let them battle against others, and participate in exciting quests. In battles, you can earn the most impressive rewards.

These projects won’t leave you indifferent. Even though fast wins are not a promise, and in reality, it takes some work to get rewards, you are going to have a good time playing these P2E games.


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