Top Windows alternatives for Mac’s Movist Pro

Movist Pro is a powerful and user-friendly macOS movie player. Users can select between FFmpeg or QuickTime as decoders for each video codec. In addition, the app supports numerous useful features to enhance the movie-watching experience, such as digital audio output, H.264 video decode acceleration, intuitive user interface, full-screen navigation, high-quality subtitles, etc. You can download and install Movist Pro by clicking


While Movist Pro is a brilliant movie player, the app has been designed specifically for macOS, and you cannot access it on Windows. If you are a Windows user, these Movist Pro alternatives will end your search for the perfect movie player.

GOM Player

GOM Player is widely used for its ability to play high-resolution videos effortlessly. The software was specifically designed to play 4K, 360-degree, and ultra high definition videos without posing the problem of buffering.

It is an intuitive media player enabling users to outsource subtitles directly from the interface. The software can automatically find and sync subtitles for the movie being played. Furthermore, you can use this software to find codecs and play files that are damaged.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is highly popular among Windows users because it can run audio and video files. It is one of the best free and open-source multimedia tools. It cannot get better than VLC Media Player when it comes to convenience and user-friendliness.

Use the media player to play any multimedia file, whether you wish to stream video files or play it using DVDs. Furthermore, there’s no need to install additional codecs to play video files because the media player accepts all formats. The media player can easily play files like MP4, FLV, MP3, MKV, MPEG-3, etc.

While VLC Media Player is free to use, the software isn’t impervious to annoying malware and adware.


Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is an open-source, lightweight media player. The tool supports all the common video files available for playback, and it doesn’t contain advertisements, toolbar, or spyware.

MPC-HC supports myriad formats, including FLV, WMA, MPEG-3, MPEG-2, DivX, MPEG-4, etc. Users can even watch movies on an SSE2, and you can personalize the clips to the way you wish to watch. You can even use the software as a DVB player.


MPV is an open-source, free, and powerful media player tool. The application was released under General Public License or GPU, and it supports MPEG-2 and MPV video formats.

You can play high-quality videos using MPV, which is a lightweight software requiring minimal system resources. The software has a controller to help you manage the video’s speed. Furthermore, the media player can open any clip quickly and support scripting like LuaScript, JavaScript, etc.


KMPlayer is another popular media player for Windows, and the software can play almost all mainstream audio and video files. In addition, users can add external codecs to enhance compatibility. The software supports UHD, 4K, and 3D. In addition, you can play videos at up to 8K 60fps on your computer with capable hardware.

The software is widely known for its support of a comprehensive range of formats. You have lots of video and audio effects choices, ensuring the software doesn’t lack any support or feature.

When using this media player, you can select specific parts of videos as your favorite, repeat those parts, remap the keys for the remote interface, and so on. Furthermore, you can edit subtitles within the media player.


Need to take care of a large media collection? You can consider using Plex, and the software can tackle everything from personal videos and photos to movies, TV shows, and music. In addition, the tool organizes users’ media collections and ensures they appear fantastic.

The software comes with an easy-share feature and allows users to quickly pick and select what they wish to make public or give their family access to. The highlight of the software is the ad-supported free streaming service. Thanks to this service, users can watch free TV shows and movies from Lionsgate, Warner Bros, MGM, and other major studios.

Additionally, Plex is one of the contenders for the best video player for Windows as it supports all file types like video formats and Hi-Fi music. The software even supports Chromecast, and users can cast videos on their TV screens without any hassle.

Users can also use Plex on their tablet or phone and take control of the player. In addition, the app can be used to streamline video content libraries.

Wrapping Up

While Movist Pro solely supports macOS, this guide tells you of the wonderful Windows alternatives that you can download and install. It is important to settle on a movie or media player if you like watching movies or TV shows and listening to music on your computer.


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