Tragedy and comedy

Thousands of years ago people believed that hunting or fishing will be successful if, going into the woods or the river, first cast the upcoming. The hunters were gathered together, and one painted on a rock or the ground bison, and all other metal painted beast spears and arrows. “Murdered! Killed!” shouted the ancient people in their ancient language. And only after this “game” went on the hunt.

Hunting was very dangerous. But the game gave people the power, prepared and “coached” them to meet with a terrible beast. And probably, some hunters managed to win because chew they loved and knew how to play the hunt. And after a successful hunt or gathering a rich harvest people dressed in masks and animal skins, portrayed on the occasion of the events of his life. And the game for them was required: playing, people like to be experienced or guessed upcoming events, ahead of life, closer to the future.

Tragedy, in the subsequent century, the game had completely separated from everyday Affairs and concerns of the people, became an independent art the art of theater. And still the theatre in their own way associated with life.

In life people found a lot heavy. In the fight for the best people face obstacles. Defeat them. But sometimes the obstacles are insurmountable. And the theatre says about it. This play is called a tragedy. “Hamlet” English playwright Shakespeare is one of the most striking examples of the tragedy. Hero her Prince hamlet all the time sees around him the injustice and evil: a man who seized power in the state, killed his father, and his mother married the murderer. Hamlet wants revenge. But he knows that to punish the murderers only a small part of the case. It is important to eliminate those conditions which in the world be possible such crimes. And doesn’t hamlet. And he dies in the fight we couldn’t finish.

The hero of the tragedy is the person who tries to get ahead of life, who wants to do what he alone cannot afford. But the business he started, sooner or later, will continue other, the new generation of heroes. Therefore, the tragedy in the theater is always filled with faith in life.

When the scene is played out a tragedy, the audience sitting concentrated, frowning. They worry about the characters longing for their victory, sympathize with noble deeds.

And in the same theater where yesterday stood the menacing tense silence, the next day, splashing laughter. Laugh all the young and old, men and women. Some laugh, others restrained from last forces, but also start to laugh. Laughing woman in a silk dress. Laughs some gray haired man wearing glasses is the teacher, maybe even an important Professor. While the Colonel into a fist, like a kid. What’s the matter? But the fact that today the theater is a Comedy.

Tragedy and Comedy are like two poles: on one the most serious in our life, the other the most ridiculous, ugly in it. And in between these two poles of drama the play, which combines particles of both tragic and comic.

Writers who write plays are called playwrights. Modern playwrights, too, of course, writing and drama, and Comedy, and tragedy. They reflect the peculiar us faith to overcome harsh obstacles of life, faith in a happy future.

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