What are the main components of a Hindu naming ceremony?

What are the main components of a Hindu naming ceremony?

Selecting a Name

  • Janam Nakshatranam (by lunar asterism, composed of the birth star of the child, the position of planets at the time and date of birth, and the moon sign);
  • Masanam (according to the child’s month of birth);
  • Devatanama (after the family deity);
  • Rashinama (according to the child’s Zodiac sign); and.

What happens when a Hindu baby is given a name?

The grandfather whispers the chosen Hindu name in the child’s right ear three times while the left ear is covered with a betel leaf. This is then repeated with the left ear. The baby is then given a name starting with that letter. Usually the grandfather whispers the name four times in the right ear of the baby.

How is naming ceremony done?

Your ceremony will be written by your celebrant, telling the story of your child and their special role in your family. You will share your hopes and dreams for your child, and may choose to include the significance of their name and why you chose it.

What do Hinduism do when a baby is born?

Once a Hindu baby enters the world, Jatakarma is performed to welcome the child into the family, by putting some honey in the child’s mouth and whispering the name of God in the child’s ear.

When should you do a naming ceremony?

Ideally, the naming ceremony is performed 11 days after birth, just before the ‘Sutika’ or ‘Shuddhikaran’ period, during which the mother and child are given intensive post-natal care. Therefore, the eleventh or twelfth day after birth is declared the most auspicious day for the ceremony.

Which month is best for naming ceremony?

The naming ceremony is usually performed on the 10th, 11th, 12th or 16th day from the birth. Here are the auspicious muhurats to perform Namkaran for the child who is going to born this month. The auspicious muhurat for naming ceremony begins on March 14, the Shukla Paksha Pratipada Tithi of Phalgun Maas.

Why are baby names kept as per Rashi in Hinduism?

Originally Answered: Why does baby names are kept as per ” Rashi” in Hinduism? The rationale behind naming kids based on rashi is because, every rashi , nakshatra associated with a deity and there are some syllables, beeja aksharas associated to that deity as well.

Do you bring gifts to a baby naming ceremony?

You don’t have to bring a present to a baby naming, but it’s certainly a nice gesture. Baby clothes, books, and toys are all good bets.

Can you have godparents at a naming ceremony?

Can I include Godparents in the Naming Ceremony? Absolutely! You can appoint Godparents/ Guideparents/ Supporting adults (sometimes Oddparents!) to your little one and they will be asked to make commitments during the ceremony.

In what circumstances a child is treated as Hindu when one of the parents is Hindu?

a child legitimate or illegitimate whose parents are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs; a child legitimate or illegitimate one of whose parents are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs and has been so brought up; an abandoned child, legitimate or illegitimate of unknown parentage brought up as a Hindu, Buddhist, etc.; and.

What do you give for a baby naming ceremony?

Much like a baby shower, bringing baby gear as a gift at a naming ceremony is appropriate. This could be anything that the parents have expressed a need for, including diapers, wipes, bibs, formula, bottles or blankets. You can also give clothing or toys geared toward newborns.

Which day is good for 2020 naming ceremony?

Naming Ceremony 2020 Timings Naming Ceremony 2020 Auspicious Timings

Date Day Muhurat Duration
2 January, 2020 Thurs 07:14-31:14
3 January , 2020 Fri 07:14-23:28
5 January , 2020 Sun 07:14-12:27
8 January , 2020 Wed 07:15-27:46

Is Today Good for naming ceremony?

According Hindu calendar, Chaturthi, Navami, and Chaturdashi are the auspicious Tithis for Namkaran. Whereas, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of a week are considered auspicious to perform the Naming ceremony.

Which Rashi is best for baby boy?

50 Common Dhanu Rashi Baby Boy Names

  • Dhruv. Steady and firm.
  • Bhuvan. This popular Dhanu Rashi baby boy name means intelligent.
  • Dhirendra. God of courage.
  • Dhairya. Patient and courageous.
  • Dhilan. Son of the waves.
  • Bhadresh. Lord of nobles.
  • Dhiren. Gentle and wise.
  • Dhrishay. Bold and courageous.

What do you say at a baby naming ceremony?

Naming Ceremony Readings and Poems

  • 1 A MOTHERS WISH. I hope my child looks back on today.
  • 2 EXAMPLE OF PARENTHOOD. There are little eyes upon you and they’re watching night and day.
  • 3 IF.

What’s the point of a naming day?

Simply put, a naming day is a symbolic celebration that requires no licences and has no legalities. A naming ceremony can take any format that you choose. It can be a simple welcome to the world, a formal naming of your child, or a blessing for your baby and family.

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