What are the names of the 18 Puranas?

What are the names of the 18 Puranas?

Puranas – All 18 Maha Puranas(English): Vishnu, Naradiya, Padma, Garuda, Varaha, Bhagavata, Matsya, Kurma, Linga, Shiva, Skanda, Agni, Brahmanda, Brahmavaivarta, Markandeya, Bhavishya, Vamana, Brahma Kindle Edition.

Who wrote Upapuranas?

The Puranas, literally ”ancient” writings, function as one part of scripture for the Hindu tradition. These texts were written over a long period of time from about the fourth century BCE to the eleventh century and were ascribed to Vyasa, the Hindu sage who is also credited with writing the famous epic Mahabharata.

Which is the first Purana?

There are eighteen Puranas, in which Matsya Purana is the first and the oldest of the all the Puranas, Hindu scriptures and texts. Brahmapurana is the first of all puranas.

Which is last Purana?

Accordingly Veda Vyasa completes maha bhagavatha Puranam. Probably that is his last work. , Credit of all knowledge to Jagadguru Sri Kripaluji Maharaj.

Are Puranas fake?

Similarly, Puranas may be false sometimes as they are just a crude form of hindu thought meant for children. If you have no time/interest to know more about spiritual aspects of life. Then, Puranas do definitely serve your purpose.

Which Puran is best?

There are one Maha Purana, 17 Mukhya Puranas (Major Puranas) and 18 Upa Puranas (Minor Puranas), with over 400,000 verses….Mahapuranas.

Brāhma: Brahma Purana, Padma Purana
Śakta: Devi-Bhagavata Purana, Markandeya Purana, Brahmanda Purana, Skanda Purana

Who killed Tripurasura?

Lord Shiva killed Tripurasura and destroyed three cities converted them in to ashes in only one Shot .

Who wrote 18 Puranas?

Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa, who divided the Veda in the Dvapara Age, is also credited with the authorship of the Mahabharata & the 18 principal Puranas.

Are Puranas important?

The Puranas do not enjoy the authority of a scripture in Hinduism, but are considered as Smritis. They have been influential in the Hindu culture, inspiring major national and regional annual festivals of Hinduism.

Which is the most famous Purana?


S.No. Purana Name Verses number
1 Brahma 10,000 verses
2 Padma 55,000 verses
3 Vishnu 23,000 verses
4 Shiva 24,000 verses

Which Shiva killed Asura?

“He who darkens”) refers to a malevolent Asura whose pride was vanquished by Shiva for asking for his wife, Pārvatī….

Affiliation Asura
Gender Male
Parents Hiraṇyākṣa (father) Shiva and Parvati (real parents)

Who is the charioteer of Lord Shiva?

The moment the three aerial cities converged, Shiva mounted on his chariot and moved upwards. He took out his bow and arrow, and hit the converged cities with a single arrow. With Brahma as the charioteer, he sped across, and shot a single arrow of fire, which was created of none other than Vishnu.

Which Purana is the longest?

The Skanda Purana is the largest Purana with 81,000 verses, named after deity Skanda, the son of Shiva and Uma, and brother of deity Ganesha.

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