What did the Jews say about Jesus after his death?

What did the Jews say about Jesus after his death?

After the death of Jesus, his followers—at the time a small sect of former Jews known as the Nazarenes—claimed he was the Messiah ( Mashiach or מָשִׁיחַ‎, meaning anointed one) prophesied in Jewish texts and that he would soon return to fulfill the acts required of the Messiah.

What happens to a Jew when he embraces Jesus?

When a Jew embraces Jesus, he or she is no longer Jewish. The fact is, most Jewish people hold that a person is Jewish according to their birth and not according to their religious belief.

Do you think Jesus was raised from the dead?

Other Jews, recently, have come to regard him as a Jewish teacher. This does not mean, however, that they believe, as Christians do, that he was raised from the dead or was the messiah.

Why did the Jewish people believe in Jesus?

By doing so, he brought peace between humanity and God. However, the Jewish Scriptures go on to explain that he will return and at that time establish peace on earth. If Jesus is the Messiah, then the God of Israel wants Jews and Gentiles to embrace him as their sin bearer.

What was the message of jesus’death on the cross?

Jesus gave His all for us on the cross — His everything. His death on the cross is a lasting reminder of the following messages: Obedience. We have to be obedient to God’s commandments to the end of our lives, just like Jesus. Love. Jesus loved Father God and us enough to go through death on the cross. Forgiveness.

How did the disciples feel when Jesus died?

Any time Jesus mentioned to them on their way to Jerusalem how He would have to die, the disciples either dismissed it or didn’t understand it. His death was not what they had expected or They were probably in anguish. They believed he was the Messiah. THE MESSIAH. The Messiah was supposed to bring victory, justice, and peace to Israel.

How did Jesus die and come back to life?

It is well-documented that Jesus suffered and died, and his execution was authorized by Roman leaders; but, even at a time of no media coverage, how could Christ’s return to life have gone unnoticed by the very officials who had clamored for and authorized his death? And what happened to the Roman guard who was stationed at the tomb?

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