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What do you need to know about the Torah scroll?

What do you need to know about the Torah scroll?

What Is a Torah Scroll? The Torah scroll is a long scroll containing the entire text of the Five Books of Moses, hand-written by a pious scribe in the original Hebrew. It is rolled up around two ornate wooden shafts, attached to either end of the scroll.

Is the text of the Torah printed in book form?

The text of the Torah is also commonly printed and bound in book form for non-ritual functions. It is then known as a Chumash (“five-part”, for the five books of Moses), and is often accompanied by commentaries or translations. The charred remains of a scroll found in the Torah niche of the ancient Ein Gedi synagogue, have been dated to ca. 300 CE.

What kind of Pen does a Torah scribe use?

In the Ashkenazi tradition the scribe writes with a quill on parchment; the Sefardi scribe uses a reed to write on parchment or leather. This scroll is a Sefardi scroll, its material is fine golden-hued skin, and it fulfills the Talmudic injunction that a Torah Scroll be “written in good ink with a fine pen by an expert sofer [scribe].”

How often is the Torah read in synagogue?

The Torah scrolls are taken out from the Ark (Aron ha kodesh) and portions read in the synagogue three times each week. On Mondays and Thursdays small sections are read. The main reading is on the morning of Shabbat (Sabbath). Over the course of the year the whole scroll is read in sequence.

Why is the Torah important to the Jewish religion?

The Torah is important because it contains written and oral laws central to the religion of Judaism. The Torah, also called the Jewish bible, contains the Laws of Moses that outline actions and codes of conduct expected of practitioners of the Jewish faith. Hebrew writing forms the Torah because Hebrew is the oldest of all Jewish languages.

Why was Rabbi roszler’s Torah scroll so important?

According to IYIM, “Both of [Rabbi Roszler’s] grandsons emphasized his love for the Land of Israel and Torah… As Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech rose from the ashes of the Holocaust and embraced Zionism, so too will this Torah scroll be a symbol of strength and shield Israeli soldiers in times of need.”

How many copies of the Torah are there?

From that Torah scroll, many identical copies were hand-written by a pious scribe, and likewise in all subsequent generations. Today there are many hundreds of thousands of Torah scrolls in existence.

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