What do you say to Mettaton?

What do you say to Mettaton?

Using the FIGHT option to directly harm Mettaton results in him either biting his lip or sticking his tongue out while saying “Yeah,” giving an Action boost of 300 points. Further attacks cause him to grin visibly but give fewer Action Points.

What is Mettaton’s gender?

Mettaton is a male. He is referred to as male ALL throughout the game. He is not called a ‘she’ throughout the ENTIRE GAME.

How do you dodge Mettaton Ex attacks?

Mettaton EX boss fightBlocks and bombs: Shoot the bombs as they fall to destroy the blocks.Falling Arms: Shoot the yellow blocks to destroy the arms; hitting anywhere else will cause the arms to fall faster, so precision is vital.Disco Ball: Shoot the ball to turn the beams blue, then keep still.

Can you spare Mettaton?

The only way to spare Mettaton in a pacifist run is to “fight” him using the Act menu. Your heart cursor will be the yellow shooter type, and you have to shoot Mettaton’s heart when it is available. After enough hits, his arms and legs will fall off, and you’ll be able to end the battle.

Can you spare Flowey in genocide?

If you were in a Genocide route, you would’ve killed Flowey. After a Genocide reboot or a True Reset, Flowey will lose his memories. Because of this, you can fight Omega Flowey. After you beat him, kill him.

Is Undyne a boy?

Undyne is female, same as Alphys. There’s nothing wrong with being lesbian in Undertale.

What happened to Undyne’s eye?

Undyne had a spear accident during training and lost her eye. This explains why the light comes out in a spear shape. With that said it is safe to say that what happened to Undyne’s Eye is that she lost it during training with Asgore and a spear went through her eye. She then put an eyepatch over her empty eye socket.

Can you die to Papyrus?

If the protagonist loses to him three times, Papyrus grows tired of capturing them and offers to allow them to skip his battle and progress. In the Genocide Route, Papyrus instantly offers to spare the protagonist. However, a single hit kills him. Sparing him aborts the Genocide Route.

Is Monster kid a boy or a girl?

Monster Kid was referred to as a male in the Undertale Art Book; however, this has been changed to use the gender-neutral term.

What is Frisk’s eye color?


What happens if you don’t give Undyne water?

If you don’t give Undyne the water, then she will fall into the lava. Or she will die from dehydration.

Why does monster kid have no arms?

Monster Kid is a double amputee. That’s why they lose balance and fall all the time and have a black eye and still wear a shirt and boots. They weren’t “made” to not have arms. The tail is small and can’t act as a balance or “third leg”.

What happens if you only kill Jerry?

Battle Information Jerry is a monster that the protagonist encounters in Snowdin Forest. Contrary to popular belief, killing Jerry accrues EXP and is considered a kill by the game, causing a True Pacifist Route attempt to fail.

What happens to monster kid in genocide?

1 Answer. No. Sparing monster kid will place you back on a neutral path, triggering the normal Undyne fight in the next room, instead of the Undyne the Undying fight there.

What happens if you kill everyone but Mettaton?

If you kill all of the main characters and some random encounters but spare at least a single enemy, you get the ending of little hope. If you spare an enemy between Undyne the Undying and Mettaton NEO, you get the Alphys ending. Instead of Sans calling you, he passes the phone to Alphys, who has become queen.

Who hired Muffet to kill you?


What happens if you kill everyone but spare papyrus?

If you kill everyone but Papyrus on Undertale, you won’t be fighting Sans because the route you would be doing would be a neutral route, and you only fight Sans in a genocide route. Sans calls you, and he tells you about everyone disappearing in the middle of the night. …

Does Alphys kill herself?

Of Frisk’s friends, there is only one monster that can not be killed in a boss battle: Alphys. However, certain monsters’ deaths in the neutral route may prompt Alphys to take her own life.

How do you kill Alphys?

Alphys is the only major monster in the game who the protagonist cannot fight and, therefore, kill. Alphys’s full combat capabilities are unknown.

Why does SANS only have one blue eye?

Because of Sans poor health, Gaster BROKE his eye, making him blind and the glow nonexistent. It really broke him and his brother because they needed it to glowANYWAYS!!!

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