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What does Poojitha mean?

What does Poojitha mean?

baby names > Poojitha. Baby Name : Poojitha. Gender : girl. Origin : Indian, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Hindu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu. Poojitha Meaning: Devoted; The One who is Worshipped.

What is lucky number of Poojitha?

List of names similar to or Variants of name ‘Poojitha’. Show more information of name Poojitha or its short & sweet Definition or Names by mixing Parent’s names. View List of Indian, International names or List of names that means….

Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 6, 8, 14, 23
Ruling Planet: Mercury

What is the Rashi of Poojitha?

Rashi of Name Poojitha is kanya and Nakshatra is hastha. More detail about Baby name Poojitha….Meaning of Poojitha.

Name : Poojitha
Rashi : Kanya
Nakshatra : Hastha
Numerology : 4
Religion : Hindu

How do you sign the name Poojitha?

Explore qualities of Virgo (Kanya), or compatibility of Kanya (Virgo) rashi with other zodiac signs, or find your Western Zodiac / Chinese Zodiac signs or Birthstone for Birthday….

Rashi: Kanya (Virgo)
Nakshatra: Hastha
Auspicious Color: Green, Yellow, Peach, Apricot
Auspicious Stones: Sapphire

Which god name is Poojitha?

Poojitha Name – Meaning & Details

Name Poojitha
Religion Hindu
Gender Girl
Meaning Worshipped
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Poojitha Name Meaning

Name: Poojitha
Meaning: ‘To be worshipped’
Urdu / Hindi : ‘ पूजीथा ‘
Origin: ‘Hindi’
Lucky Number: ‘Poojitha lucky number is 4’

What is the meaning of the name Vaishnavi?

Name :Vaishnavi. Meaning :Worshipper of Lord Vishnu, The personified energy of Vishnu. Gender :Girl.

Is vaishnavi a good name?

Vaishnavi is a name that suggests you give up what you want so other people can have what they need. Like a six-sided cube, your personality is steady and balanced. You are very creative and artistically oriented but also willing to take action to accomplish your goals.

Which Rashi is vaishnavi?

Rashi of Name Vaishnavi is vrishabha and Nakshatra is rohini. Vaishnavi is also name of Goddess durga ….Meaning of Vaishnavi.

Name : Vaishnavi
Rashi : Vrishabha
Nakshatra : Rohini
Numerology : 6
Religion : Hindu

Is vaishnavi a girl name or boy name?

Vaishnavi Name – Meaning & Details

Name Vaishnavi
Religion Hindu
Gender Girl
Meaning Goddess durga, ganga, tulsi
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Where does the name vaishnavi come from?

Derived from the name of the Hindu god Vishnu, meaning “belonging to Vishnu”. This is the name of one of the seven Matrika goddesses in Hinduism.

Is vaishnavi a lucky name?

Person with name Vaishnavi are mainly Hindu by religion. Name Vaishnavi belongs to rashi Vrushabh (Taurus) with dominant planet Venus (Shukra) and Nakshatra (stars) Rohini….

Meaning: Devotee of lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvati, Tulsi (Basil)
Lucky Days: Friday, Monday
Passion: Have a Secure, happy & wealthy life marriage
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