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What does the name Zain mean?

What does the name Zain mean?

Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:1152. Meaning:God is gracious. Zain as a boy’s name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Zain is “God is gracious”.

Is Zain a male or female name?

Zain (or Zayn, Zein, Zeyn) are transcript forms of the Arabic زَيْن — a noun meaning “beauty, adornment, grace, excellence” and adjective meaning “beautiful, comely, handsome, graceful, charming, lovely, fair, radiant, good-looking, fine.” It is most commonly masculine in use, but is generally considered a unisex name …

What is meant by Zain in Urdu?

Zain Name Meaning In Urdu (Boy Name زین) Zain is a Muslim Boy Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Zain name meaning is Grace, and in Urdu it means خوبصورتی. The name is Arabic originated name, the associated lucky number is 4.

Is Zain a nice name?

Either way Zain is an interesting choice. The Arabic meaning of “beauty” is lovely and the Hebrew connection to “seven” makes Zain a great name choice for a boy born on the seventh day of the month or the seventh month of the year (July). Or even the seventh Zodiac sign (Libra).

Is Zain a biblical name?

Zain is a christian boy name and it is an English originated name with multiple meanings. Zain name meaning is A form of zane and the associated lucky number is 5.

How old is the name Zain?

Records indicate that 2,896 boys in the United States have been named Zain since 1880. The greatest number of people were given this name in 2012, when 329 people in the U.S. were given the name Zain.

Is Zane a good name?

The name Zane has been on the popularity list since 1921, the heyday of such Zane Grey novels as The Riders of the Purple Sage. The Arabic name Zayn, as in musician Zayn Malik, sounds exactly the same as Zane but has a different root. Zayn is one of the fastest-rising names in recent years.

What does Zeena mean in Arabic?

What is the meaning of Zeena ? Zeena is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Zeena name meanings is Hospitable, Ornament, Something beautiful. Other similar sounding names can be Zeebaq, Zeeshah, Zeeshan, Zeenaat, Zeenat, Zeeya.

What is the lucky number of Zain name?

The lucky number of Zain name is 4….Zain Name Meaning.

Name Zain
Lucky Number 4
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Monday, Thursday

What does Zain mean in Hindi?

Zain. ▲ as a boys’ name is of Hindi origin, and the meaning of Zain is “godly light”. Also form of Zane.

What is Zayn Malik’s middle name?

Zain Javadd Malik
Zayn/Full name
Zain Javadd Malik (/ˈmælɪk/; born 12 January 1993), known mononymously as Zayn, is an English singer and songwriter.

What does Zain mean in the Bible?

Meaning:God is gracious. Zayne as a boy’s name is related to the Hebrew name Zane. The meaning of Zayne is “God is gracious”.

What is Zane short for?

Origin of Zane Zane is for girls the Latvian form of Susanna. And for boys maybe a short form of John or Zan or an African name.

How do you spell Zeena?

Zeena is bay girl name, main origion is Arabic. English meanings of Zeena is “#Hospitable, #Ornament, Something beautiful” and popular in Muslim religion.

What does the name Zane mean in the Bible?

The meaning of the name “Zane” is: “God Is Gracious; Gift from God”. Additional information: Zane is the Hebrew edition of the name John.

What does Misha mean?

Misha as a girl’s name is of Hebrew origin meaning “who resembles God”.

Is Zain an Indian name?

Zain, Zayn, or as it is often anglicized Zane, is an Arabic personal name meaning “beauty, grace”.

Is ZIAN a Hindu name?

Zian is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Zian name meanings is Self peace.

Is Zain an Islamic name?

Zain is a beautiful Muslim boy name famous among the Muslim society. Zain name meaning is Beauty, Adornment, and Graceful Boy. It is an attractive name that originated from the Arabic Language.

What is lucky number of Zain?

Zain Name Meaning

Name Zain
Lucky Number 4
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Monday, Thursday

Is Zane a biblical name?

What is the meaning of the Urdu name Zain?

Zain name meaning in Urdu detail includes Zain ul Abideen, Zain Haider, Zain Hassan, and Zain Ahmed to name a few. Zain meaning in English is beauty, pretty, grace, honor, and beautiful. Zain is a four letter short name. It is easy to pronounce and immensely popular in Pakistan, and India.

What does the name Zayn mean in English?

Zayn name meaning in english are in sindhi meaning is beauty; grace. People believes to have their Lucky Days according to their names, Monday, Thursday are Favourable and Lucky Days for name Zayn and lucky metals are Bronze for Zayn name holders.

What does the name Zaina mean in Islam?

Zaina is an indirect Quranic name for girls. It is the explicitly feminine version of the name Zayn, which itself is a name for both boys and girls. Zaina means beauty, adornment, excellence.

What does the name Zein mean in Arabic?

According to a user from Pennsylvania, U.S., the name Zein is of Arabic origin and means “Beauty and grace”. A user from Ohio, U.S. says the name Zein is of Arabic origin and means “Gift of god loving son”. Search for more names by meaning . Thanks! We will review your submission shortly!

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