What is caste of Fahad Mustafa?

What is caste of Fahad Mustafa?

Early life. Mustafa was born on 26 June 1983 in Karachi, Pakistan, to a Sindhi family.

Who is Fahad Mustafa father?

Salahuddin Tunio
Fahad Mustafa/Fathers
Salahuddin Tunio (February 28, 1949 Dhanibux Tunio – ) was a Pakistani actor in television and film. He is the father of Fahad Mustafa.

When did Fahad Mustafa married?

2005 (Sana Fahad)
Fahad Mustafa/Wedding dates

What is Fahad Mustafa height?

1.7 m
Fahad Mustafa/Height

Who is the richest actor in Pakistan?

Top 10 Richest Pakistani Actors

  • Fawad Khan. One of the most handsome actors in Pakistan, Fawad Khan charges between Rs 15-30 million for commercial projects.
  • Ali Zafar.
  • Shaan Shahid.
  • Fahad Mustafa.
  • Imran Abbas.
  • Shehryar Munawar.
  • Ahsan Khan.
  • Hamza Ali Abbasi.

What is the salary of Fahad Mustafa?

Being a very popular TV host and TV actor, surely, people think of how much he is earning or receiving per host or per series, so the simple answer to the question is that he is being paid Rs. 1 Lac per episode while his net income is worth of Rs. 35 Million.

Is jeeto Pakistan real?

Jeeto Pakistan (Urdu: جیتو پاکستان‎; transl. Win Pakistan) is a Pakistani game show, hosted by actor Fahad Mustafa on ARY Digital. It has been called the “biggest game show” of Pakistan. Jeeto Pakistan’s participants are selected randomly from a studio audience, who require passes to attend the show.

How old is mehwish Hayat?

33 years (January 6, 1988)
Mehwish Hayat/Age

Who is the richest celebrity in Pakistan?

Pakistanis by net worth

Rank Name Net worth (USD)
1 Shahid Khan $8.5 billion
2 Anwar Pervez $4.6 billion
3 Mian Muhammad Mansha $3.7 billion
4 Sadruddin Hashwani $3.4 billion

Who is the No 1 actor in Pakistan?

1. Fawad Khan – Most Handsome Pakistani Actors: Fawad Afzal Khan is a popular Pakistani actor, maker, screenwriter, model, and artist. He has gotten a few honors for his best roles including a Filmfare Award, three Lux Style Awards, and six Hum Awards.

What is the net worth of Fahad Mustafa?

The Net worth of Fahad Mustafa is $16.9 billion.

What is the age of Fahad Mustafa?

38 years (June 26, 1983)
Fahad Mustafa/Age

Who won jeeto Pakistan 2021?

Lahore Falcons
Jeeto Pakistan League (season 2) is the 2nd season of Jeeto Pakistan League, a “league”-based format of Jeeto Pakistan Presented by Fahad Mustafa, it is starting airing from Ramadan 2021 on ARY Digital….Jeeto Pakistan League (season 2)

Dates 14 April 2021 – 12 May 2021
Champions Lahore Falcons
Runners-up Karachi Lions
Participants 6
Matches played 29

How can I send message to jeeto Pakistan?

Jeeto Pakistan 2020 Registration, Entry Passes By SMS & Call

  1. Jeeto Pakistan 2020 Registration by SMS. Simply send an SMS in the below-given format to 8038. SMS:
  2. Jeeto Pakistan 2020 Registration by Call. People from all over Pakistan can also register using their phones.

Who is dating mehwish Hayat?

Dawood Ibrahim
Mehwish Hayat Height, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More

Director Nabeel Qureshi
Boys, Affairs and More
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Boyfriends Dawood Ibrahim

Is mehwish Hayat single?

However, recently she revealed some secrets of her personal life about why she did not have a relationship and why the great Mehwish Hayat is single. Neither has she ever been spotted with a guy and nor have we ever come across any of her relationships.

Who is the richest Pakistani singer?

Pakistani Singers Who Have More Than 500 Crores In Their Bank Accounts. The king of fusion music Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has a huge bank balance which will truly amaze you. He has more than 1100 crores in his bank account.

Who is the highest paid actor in Pakistan?

Top 8 Highest Paid Pakistani Actors!

  • Fawad Khan. Source: HouseofPakistan. Fawad Khan charges 20 lac rupees per series.
  • Mahira Khan. Source: Dawn.
  • Faisal Qureshi. Source: Popbuster.
  • Nouman Ijaz. Source: Feedspk.
  • Saba Qamar. Source: Stylepk.
  • Shahista Lodhi. Source: Fashion360.
  • Sajal Ali. Source: UNOmatch.

    Who is the richest singer in Pakistan?

    Who is most handsome in Pakistan?

    Top 10 Most Handsome Pakistani Actors in Lollywood / Pakistani List 2021

    1. Fawad Khan – Most Handsome Pakistani Actors:
    2. Bilal Ashraf – Most Handsome Pakistani Actors:
    3. Ahad Raza Mir – Most Handsome Pakistani Actors:
    4. Ahsan Khan – Most Handsome Pakistani Actors:
    5. Danish Taimoor – Most Handsome Pakistani Actors:
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