What is contemporary theatre?

Perhaps today in the theater you can see anything but classical performances with traditional decorations, the usual eye and ear acting with self-promotion in an unobtrusive directing. Illustrative performances long out of fashion. Theater struggling to find a new language, the most interesting is that this search takes place before our eyes. What to be prepared buying a ticket to a fashion statement.

The very definition is outdated because the founders of the new drama is considered to be Ibsen, Strindberg and Zola. And yet today, if theater program warns you “warning, new drama”, to rely on something piercing light is not necessary. New drama automatically assumes the so called “dill” and the eternal questions about the meaning of life. Also you can be sure that you will hear the Mat, gracefully coming from the actor’s mouth.

And see naked (at worst, half-naked) body. Also a new drama of peculiar set design, bizarre costumes, modern place and time of action. In principle, new drama today can be considered performances (a vivid example the “old” performance “Representing a victim”), (“Stavanger”), (“Oxygen”) and other known and unknown Directors. Style as such, no new drama. But of all the filmmakers working with her, share a common interest in modernity and the desire for a “new sincerity”. To penetrate the theme in a more simple example is to see the show “Love of people”. This statement is simply a visual aid for a new drama. Psychologically heavy and smart play about love in the Outback on the play of our contemporaries.

“Translation” of the word, not the unknown theater, documentary theater. The genre grew out of the new drama. The key to understanding what it is, is the fact that all the verbatim plays based on real monologues or dialogues of the common people. Sometimes they actors (as in the play “9 months/40 weeks” men retell real life stories of women), sometimes not. The last a rarity. A vivid example of such work “Akyn Opera” of the same doc. For stage time real migrants from Tajikistan tells the audience stories from his Moscow life. With all the ensuing consequences: minimum directing, undelivered speech, intuitive plastic limit approximation “heroes” to the viewer.

A performance is called a form of modern art in principle. Most often the term is used in the artistic environment. In theatre performance (relatively!) you can call the statement on the intersection of music, words, drama, modern dance and, of course, visual arts and multimedia. A more precise name for the genre is simply not invented. So, if you went to the theatre for such a performance, think of it as a spectacle, only without the prefix pop. Mandatory sense (almost always philosophical) assumes here the most complex visual effects, and unexpected, sometimes completely computer, set design. Statement of David Bob “Metamorphoses” is the best example of the play performance.

This was exactly the case when it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Driven to the absolute theater performance is the performances plays by Pavel. They go, but on tour in the capital are also often. Them there is no need. Suffice it to say that the actors involved in them, a little, they are plotless and sometimes dumb. Not so long ago was shown the statement “I am free” the scene where the actor and showed on the projector of poor quality photos. That’s about it. And understand, as you know.

Another subspecies of the new drama. Classics without deviations can be seen, perhaps, only in the Maly theater. In other cases, at the school of cannot count. “Woe from wit” in the School of modern plays is in black-and-white space, shadows and paper mansions, with references to the work of Brodsky and activities of a modern Parliament. At the Moscow art theatre in the repertoire of the “an Ideal husband”. To say that this Comedy Oscar Wilde mean to lie. The show is more like a four-hour parody of modern Russia. The new bourgeoisie, on the hordes of labor from neighboring republics, to a new language and style of behavior in society. Great play (the founding father of the new drama, by the way) “Masquerade”. Actors school of the poem remains the same, time has changed.. the Essence of this intriguing styling in the squeak of a new hero of time. Who is he? What lives? Likes? And is there any?

The term is associated with the name. The son of Director, he graduated from the staging faculty of the School Studio. And originally was listed in the artists. Then somehow suddenly turned into Directors. The main thing that has created theatre at the intersection of drama and painting. In essence it is a Grand installation in the theatre package, a kind statements with a fair amount of fooling around.

So, if you purchase a ticket from, say, version of the artist, be prepared for the fact that the text will be spoken at all, or will be, but in fits and starts. But a staggering visual metaphors guaranteed. In the performance “The Demon”. The view from the top artists (and part-time artists) draw on huge paper on the stage. And here lowered from the fly loft black rags (demon) and listen to the sounds of rain and water. Today runs his own Laboratory at the school of dramatic art. His every performance is an event. And the new “As you like it…” managed to win a prestigious award at the Edinburgh festival.

If you think that we have about ballet or modern dance, you are mistaken. Today in the theater you can see something much more original. For example, as dramatic performers literally dancing in the text of Tolstoy and Lope de Vega. And, by the way, they are quite decent at it. Classical choreography with elements of contemporary dance and pantomime creates new meanings just because her “try” on the actors, accustomed to play heart.

The dramatic talents of ballet dancers often do not have, and “technique” in the dry residue does not always produce the desired result. In the “non-professional” ballet performances on the contrary. The clearest example of successful productions of this by the choreographer of the Lithuanian. The pages of the famous novel laid out for notes and PA. Gorgeous costumes and set design is impeccably stylish. All this guarantees success. And the dubious genre status has absolutely nothing to do with it.

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