What is Miss Caroline afraid of in class?

What is Miss Caroline afraid of in class?

Summary: Chapter 3 Back at school, Miss Caroline becomes terrified when a tiny bug, or “cootie,” crawls out of a boy’s hair. She tells him that she does not think she will go to school anymore and suggests that he could teach her himself.

What disturbance happens in Miss Caroline class when Scout gets back to school from lunch?

Miss Caroline is greatly disturbed by what she sees in her student’s hair. She speaks to Burris about the matter. She suggests that he leave immediately and wash his hair with lye soap and kerosene.

What scared and shocked Miss Caroline Chapter 3?

What scared and shocked Miss Caroline? The bug that crawled out of Burris Ewell’s hair frightened Miss Caroline because she hates bugs.

What scared and shocked Miss Caroline What is another name for this creature?

What scared and shocked Miss Caroline? A cootie scared and shocked her; another name for the creature is lice.

Is Miss Caroline a good teacher?

Miss Caroline is definitely not a good teacher. Although she purports to know the latest techinques taught her in college, there is more to being a good teacher than just rote knowledge. Miss Caroline is haughty, prejudicial, and arrogant.

Are we poor Atticus?

In chapter two of the book, Jem asks Atticus a question: “Are we poor?” Atticus responds in the affirmative. Then Jem asks if they are poor like the Cunninghams. Atticus responds by saying that the Cunninghams are poorer, because they are country folks.

Who insults Miss Caroline make her cry?

She is afraid that if he does not leave and treat his head lice, the other students in the class may also get it. She tells Burris to wash his hair with lye soap and then treat his scalp with kerosene. Burris is defiant and insults Miss Caroline. He leaves the classroom only after he makes his teacher cry.

Is Scout older than dill?

Dill hails from Meridian, Mississippi, and Scout sees him every summer when he stays with his aunt, Miss Rachel. Dill is Scout’s senior by a year, and he adds excitement to the games Scout and Jem play.

Why does Miss Caroline scream after lunch?

After lunch, Miss Caroline screams in fright, but it isn’t a mouse that made her so upset.

Why is Scout beating up Walter at the beginning of Chapter 3?

But Scout realizes she cannot explain it as well as Atticus and merely says Miss Caroline “shamin'” Walter. Miss Caroline finally gets exasperated with Scout. For defending Walter Cunningham, Scout gets into trouble. This is why at the beginning of Chapter 3, Scout rubs Walter’s nose in the dirt to get him back.

What kind of teacher is Miss Caroline What good or bad qualities does she have?

How did Uncle Jack treat Scout?

When Scout gets into a fight with her cousin Francis, Uncle Jack spanks her. When she is upset, he is surprised. In his mind, he warned her and therefore she should expect the spanking.

How is Miss Caroline a bad teacher?

Expert Answers She is a poor teacher, mostly because she is inexperienced. Miss Fisher is young, no more than 21, and she shows her inexperience in two main ways. First, she expresses unhappiness that Scout already knows how to read. She tells Scout to let Atticus know not to teach her anymore.

What kind of teacher is Miss Caroline?

Miss. Caroline Fisher was the new first grade teacher. She had her own ideas on how to teach. She tells Scout that Atticus can’t teach her anymore and that it is her job to teach her.

Why is Atticus poor?

Atticus responds by saying that the Cunninghams are poorer, because they are country folks. The Depression has hit them the hardest. Professionals, like Atticus, are also poor, because they are not paid for their services in money, because the country people do not have any money. This is why Mr.

Is Atticus the father of Scout?

Scout calls her father “Atticus.” This is also unusual because “Atticus” is her father’s first name and most American children don’t call their parents by their first names.

Why was Burris going to leave school and never come back?

Burris Ewell only came to school on the first day because his truancy officer required him to be in attendance one-day out of the school year. After Miss Caroline witnesses a “cootie” crawl out of Burris’ hair, she tells him to bathe before coming to school the next day.

What did Burris Ewell do to Miss Caroline?

Expert Answers In Chapter 3, Burris scares Miss Caroline when a “cootie” falls out of his hair in the middle of class. Miss Caroline is startled and frightened when the tiny bug crawls onto the floor.

Why does Miss Caroline have difficulty in the classroom?

Expert Answers info Much of the trouble that Miss Caroline Fisher encounters on her first day of teaching stems from the fact that she is an outsider, who does not relate or understand the backward, uneducated country children of Maycomb. Miss Caroline is a new and inexperienced teacher.

What is the name of the boy Miss Caroline was afraid of in class?

Burris Ewell Burris has lice. Burris is scared of Caroline Fisher, his teacher. He behaves rudely when she tells him to go home, wash his hair, and come back clean the next day. He refuses, and a student explains to Miss Caroline that Ewell’s children don’t attend school.

What scares Miss Caroline about Burris Ewell in Scout’s first grade class?

On the first day of school, a “cootie” crawls out of Burris Ewell’s hair and scares Miss Caroline. Burris Ewell hails from the most despicable family in all of Maycomb County.

What two mistakes did Miss Caroline make on the first day of school?

What two mistakes did Miss Caroline make on the first day of school? Miss Caroline’s first mistake was to offer Walter Cunningham money; the Cunninghams don’t take anything they can’t pay back. Her second mistake was trying to tell Burris Ewell to go home and wash out his “cooties.”

How is Miss Caroline disconnected from her students?

One way Miss Caroline seems to be insensitive to her students’ needs is telling Scout that she could not have learned to read properly because her father (whom Scout says helped her learn how to read) “does not know how to teach.” Miss Caroline punishes Scout for knowing something which she should be applauding her for …

Why does Miss Caroline get upset with Scout?

Miss Caroline tells Scout to stop reading at home with her father. She wants to “take over from here and try to undo the damage.” Miss Caroline wants to teach Scout how to read in her own way, which is by the methods she learned in college. She is annoyed that someone else had taught Scout to read in the “wrong” way.

Atticus: We are indeed. Scout: [Are] we as poor as the Cunninghams? Atticus: No, not exactly. Cunninghams are country folks, farmers.

What did Miss Caroline say to Scout?

Miss Caroline says, “You tell him I’ll take over from here and try to undo the damage—” (Lee 23). Scout is devastated at the thought of not being able to read with Atticus anymore and mentions, “Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read.

What was Miss Caroline afraid of in to kill a Mockingbird?

In short, Miss Caroline was afraid of the head louse that crawled out of Burris Ewell’s hair. After lunch on the first day of school, Scout sits at her desk, lost in thought.

Who is Miss Caroline in the book scout?

When Scout returns to school after lunch with her family and Walter Cunningham Jr., she hears a shriek and looks up to see Miss Caroline standing in the middle of the room with an expression of sheer terror on her face. Miss Caroline proceeds to yell, “It’s alive!” at the top of her lungs, and Scout’s male classmates rush to her aid.

Who was scout’s 1st grade teacher in to kill a Mockingbird?

Scout’s first day starts of rough, she´s ¨…starting of on the wrong foot in every way…¨ in the words of Miss Caroline Fisher. Scout’s 1st grade teacher is new to Maycomb and is fresh out of college. Throughout the day Scout kept trying to explain Maycomb ways to Miss Caroline but Miss Caroline miss understood and Scout would in trouble.

Why does Miss Caroline scream when she enters the classroom?

In Chapter Three, Miss Caroline screams upon seeing a louse (“cootie”) crawl off of the head of one of the boys in the class.

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