What is the difference between God the Father Son and Holy Spirit?

What is the difference between God the Father Son and Holy Spirit?

In Trinitarian doctrine, God exists as three persons but is one being, having a single divine nature. “The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” are not names for different parts of God, but one name for God because three persons exist in God as one entity. They cannot be separate from one another.

How do you define the Trinity?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead according to Christian dogma. 2 not capitalized : a group of three closely related persons or things. 3 or Trinity Sunday : the Sunday after Whitsunday observed as a feast in honor of the Trinity.

Why is the holy Trinity hard to understand?

The doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most difficult ideas in Christianity, but it’s fundamental to Christians because it: states what Christians believe God is like and who he is. emphasises that God is very different from human beings. reflects the ways Christians believe God encounters them.

How are father, son, and Holy Spirit related?

The former is occupied with God considered essentially, without respect to the three persons of the Godhead; the latter, with God considered personally. The former explains both the essence and the essential attributes of God; the latter describes the persons of the Holy Trinity, and the personal attributes of each one.”

How is Jesus Christ related to the father?

Jesus Christ, God the Son, is in you by His Spirit, and God the Father is in you by His Spirit. The same Spirit, but again, Jesus is not the Father. By the way, that was why the Old Testament prophets could say “The LORD says”: because God lived in them and spoke through them.

What does the Bible say about the father son?

But it does prove that Jesus himself was God. In ( Isaiah 2:9) A baby is born to us, a son is given to us: And the government will be on his shoulder: And his name will be called amazing, Mighty God, Counselor, Prince of Peace and the Eternal Father.

What does the Bible say about baptizing in the name of the father?

It’s also written in (Matthew 28:19) baptize them in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. This verse does prove that they are one because if they were different then there would have been written that baptize in the names but not in the name. And God commands people of Israel the Lord is your God.

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