What is the main message of Catcher in the Rye?

What is the main message of Catcher in the Rye?

The main message of The Catcher in the Rye is that no single individual can save the world. Holden wants to protect all the world’s innocents to compensate for his brother Allie’s death, but he starts to understand that he needs to let the people he loves, like Phoebe, take risks.

What is the author’s message in The Catcher in the Rye?

As its title indicates, the dominating theme of The Catcher in the Rye is the protection of innocence, especially of children. For most of the book, Holden sees this as a primary virtue. It is very closely related to his struggle against growing up.

What does Ackley symbolize in Catcher in the Rye?

Ackley. Holden’s next-door neighbor in his dorm at Pencey Prep. Ackley is a pimply, insecure boy with terrible dental hygiene. Holden believes that Ackley makes up elaborate lies about his sexual experience.

What does Sally represent in Catcher in the Rye?

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree. The beautiful Sally Hayes represents everything Holden hates in the J.D.

Why is Sally a phony?

Sally is a conventional girl of her social class and does not understand or recognize Holden’s struggles to come to terms with Allie’s death, his fear of growing up, and his attempts to forge his own identity. This makes her a “phony” in Holden’s eyes.

Why does Holden not go down to see Jane?

Why doesn’t Holden go down to see Jane? He wasn’t in the mood. Stradlater threatened to punch him if he did. He didn’t think she would remember him.

Why does Holden respect Jane?

Holden sincerely enjoys her company, not because she is the most beautiful girl her knows or because he just wants to make out with her, but because he really and truly likes her personality.

What dirty trick did Mr Spencer pull on Holden?

What “dirty trick” did Mr. Spencer pull on Holden? He orally read back Holden’s exam answer and the note Holden had written.

What does Holden’s relationship with Jane reveal about him?

Holden’s relationship with Jane is rather curious. Jane never actually appears in the story, but Holden frequently thinks about her. She seems to be the one girl – indeed, the one person – of his own age whom he genuinely likes. Holden, then, regards Jane as a close friend and is probably deeply attracted to her.

Why is Jane so special to Holden describe their past relationship?

Jane and Holden’s past relationship was that Holden was deeply attracted to her, and she just went for conceited guys, which made him feel unappreciated.

Why does he deny really knowing James?

Why does Holden think about James Castle when Phoebe asks him to name one thing that he likes a lot? Why does he deny really knowing James? He thinks about James because he is thinking about the cruelty in the world making him go crazy. It is a perfect example of how cruel people bully the weak people.

What does Phoebe do that makes Holden cry?

After the mother leaves, Phoebe loans Holden her Christmas money, which makes Holden cry. He gives her his treasured red hunting cap and exits down the building’s back stairs. This chapter is primarily a transitional one, serving to wrap up the visit and get Holden out of the apartment.

How does Mr Antolini upset and scare Holden?

How does Antolini upset and scare Holden? Can you relate his to Holden’s previous digression about “flits”? During his sleep, Holden felt something on his head, which caused him to wake up all of a sudden. Antolini’s “admiration” and proceeded to gather his belongings and leave Mr.

What sort of talk does Mr Antolini give Holden when he finds out he is failing?

He tells him that education is really worth the time, and that he should find something he is passionate about, as it will keep him busy. What does Mr. Antolini do that changes things with Holden and how does Holden react? Chapters 25-26 1.

What is Mr Antolini trying to tell Holden?

Antolini cuts the tension, bringing coffee for Holden and Mr. He tells Holden that he is worried about him because he seems primed for a major fall, a fall that will leave him frustrated and embittered against the rest of the world, particularly against the sort of boys he hated at school.

What does Mr Antolini call Holden?

Antolini calls Holden “handsome” before heading off to bed—“forgetting,” by the way, to give Holden pajamas, which means that he has to sleep in his underwear, and also making a comment about his “long legs” after quizzing him about girls—and then sits next to him in the dark (while Holden’s sleeping), and pets his …

Why does Holden regret visiting Mr Spencer?

He regrets visiting Mr. Spencer because he hated being pointed at for example when Mr. Spencer read his paper in front of Holden. Also how he was in his bathrobe with his grippe and bumpy chest.

Why does Holden respect Mr Antolini?

Antolini was Holden’s favorite teacher at Elkton Hills. Holden admires and respects him because Antolini is not only intellectual and perceptive, but he has a heart. When James Castle committed suicide, it was Antolini who carried his bloody, broken body all the way to the infirmary.

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