What is the moral of the geese and the tortoise?

What is the moral of the geese and the tortoise?

But on seeing this strange arrangement, people on the way started laughing at the tortoise. Unable to control his anxiety, he spoke out “What are they laughing about?”, and so fell to his death. If he had kept quiet he could have saved his own life. MORAL: Destiny cannot be changed.

What is the plot of the tortoise and the geese?

The geese held the ends of the stick with their beaks. The tortoise would hold the middle of the stick. The only condition was that the tortoise should not speak or it would fall from the stick to instant death. The tortoise that this plan was very dangerous.

Is the tortoise and the geese a fable?

Aesop wasn’t the only teacher to compose short animal stories with morals. The Indian book, the Panchatantra, is also full of wise fables. It’s framed by a little story about the King of Banaras, the Indian city which these days is known as Varanasi. …

What did the geese ask the tortoise not to do?

But the tortoise could not fly. So the geese thought of a plan, where by the tortoise would have to hold a piece of stick by its mouth which would be carried by the two geese. The only condition was that the tortoise should not speak or it will fall from the stick to death. The tortoise agreed to be silent.

Why did the geese and the tortoise have to leave their lake?

Answer: Once upon a time there lived a pair of geese and a tortoise all three of whom were great friends. One day they faced a huge drought and the lake in which they lived was drying up. They decided to leave the lake and look for a new lake.

Why did the geese ask the turtle to not to talk while they were flying because?

Once upon a time there lived a pair of geese and a turtle, all three of whom were great friends. The turtle couldn’t stop talking and the geese. made a challenge to bring her to the nice place if she could promise not. to talk because she will be carrying a stick on her mouth.

Who wrote the tortoise and the geese?

Maude Barrows Dutton
The Tortoise and the Geese and Other Fables of Bidpai by Maude Barrows Dutton.

How did tortoise cheat the birds?

Summary: Chapter 11. Ekwefi tells Ezinma a story about a greedy, cunning tortoise. All of the birds have been invited to a feast in the sky and Tortoise persuades the birds to lend him feathers to make wings so that he can attend the feast as well.

How did the tortoise plan to teach the eagle a lesson?

So the eagle grabbed the tortoise in its claws and soared up high in the sky making him see all the beautiful sceneries of the world, flying higher in the clouds and closer to the stars. It was indeed a mesmerizing moment for the tortoise. The eagle couldn’t tolerate his insult and decided to teach him a lesson.

What plan came in the tortoise’s mind to go with the geese?

To take him along with the geese, the tortoise came up with a plan: It would catch a stick in its mouth, which would then be clasped on both the sides by the geese, thus allowing him to enjoy the joy of flight.

Who helped the tortoise?

1. Who helped the tortoise is taking him from the pond to the big lake? Ans. Two cranes named Sankat and Vikat helped in taking the tortoise from the pond to the big lake.

What is the beginning of the story the boastful Turtle?

“I’m the highest turtle in the world,” Turtle thought to himself. “I am better than the fish and the whales and the turtles.” But Turtle couldn’t help but be his usual, boastful self. As soon as he opened his mouth to tell the geese how amazing he was, he plummeted back into the ocean.

Why does the Turtle want to fly?

Answer: Turtles want to fly so they can go to their destinations faster and easier.

How did the birds teach tortoise a lesson?

African fables The enraged birds claim their feathers back and leave. Only the parrot will agree to take a message to the tortoise’s wife to pull the bedding from his house and leave it on the ground. Instead the parrot tells her to bring out all the hard things so that when the tortoise jumps down its shell is broken.

Why tortoise is full of cunning?

Suspense 1: He then invited the birds to eat. Exposition: The Tortoise did not have a good meal in some time so he was very hungry which caused him to deceive the birds to attend the feast, but the Tortoise being the greedy cunning guy he is, he couldn’t be satisfied with just eating.

Why did the birds feel sorry for tortoise?

The birds were so angry at the tortoise’s greed, that after they had picked up the few scraps of food that were left, they took back all the feathers they had so carefully attached to his feet. Now he had no way to return to earth.

What is the moral lesson of the turtle who wanted to fly?

And when the eagle saw that the tortoise would not be said Nay, she took him up a matter of steeple-high into the air, and there turn’d him loose th shift for himself. That is to say: She dropt him down, Squash upon a rock, that dash’d him to pieces. The Moral: Nothing can be either safe, or easy, that’s unnatural.

What made the tortoise so angry?

The said to the tortoise that he walks very slowly and the hare can ran faster than him. The hare started to laugh at the tortoise. It made the Tortoise so angry.

How did the tortoise fall?

In the Indian literary variation of the story in the Panchatantra, the tortoise and her friends live in a lake that is beginning to dry up. Cowherds below suggest that the flying tortoise would make a good meal and it falls while making an acid response.

Why was the Turtle so mean to the other animals?

Why was Turtle so mean to the other animals? He was frustrated that he couldn’t fly. Why did Goose get angry at Turtle? Turtle was rude and said he would be better at flying.

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