What kind of documents do you need to get a marriage license?

What kind of documents do you need to get a marriage license?

• Government-issued photo I.D. (usually a valid driver’s license or passport). • Information regarding your parents, including birth dates, birth names, birth places, and dates of passing, if applicable. Note: No actual proof of these items regarding your parents is needed, but it still needs to be accurate.

Where to find notice of intended marriage form?

To be given to couples who have lodged a notice of intended marriage form with an approved marriage celebrant. Translated versions of this document are available. Under section 50 (3) of the Marriage Act 1961, this form shall be printed on the reverse of 1 of the official certificates of marriage.

Where do I go to get a marriage certificate?

Then the officiant generally handles sending the license back in to the clerk’s office. In most places, the office will then mail you a marriage certificate — or you may have to purchase certified copies, which will be important and necessary if you want to change your name.

How to get a marriage certificate in NSW?

When you are applying for a divorce, the Family Court will ask to see a copy of your standard marriage certificate. If you were married in NSW and require a copy: apply online for a Marriage Certificate or find out more about how to apply for a copy of your Marriage Certificate.

What can you find on a marriage certificate?

Marriage records may provide information on the marriage ceremony and the names of the couple, the two officially relevant marriage records are the marriage license and the marriage certificate. Most searches for marriage records are usually conducted for the purpose of obtaining these two documents, most especially the marriage certificate.

How to find a marriage record in a state?

To find a marriage record, choose the state where the marriage occurred: What if you don’t know the state? — Go to How to Estimate Marriage Information Some couples were married in locations away from their home county where marriage laws were less restrictive. See the wiki page Gretna Greens. Most marriages are recorded on the county level.

Where do I go to get a marriage license?

Requirements on how and where and when to apply for your license can vary quite a bit, so check with your county clerk’s office or local marriage license bureau, whoever is in charge of giving out licenses in your city. Here are the things you’ll want to find out from whoever is in charge of marriage licenses in your area:

What do you need in a legal document to get married?

Of reasonable mental capacity, meaning you both understand what you’re doing and the consequences of your actions. Unmarried to anyone else. This is the big one — the document that authorizes you to get married.

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