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What were the effects of fundamentalism?

What were the effects of fundamentalism?

The present research indicates that individual differences in religious fundamentalism interact with mortality salience to influence religious apocalyptic beliefs. For people higher in religious fundamentalism, mortality salience increased apocalyptic beliefs.

What is the impact of religious fundamentalism?

Results indicated religious fundamentalism significantly and positively influenced helping behavior in favor of religious in-groups, but did not impact helping toward nonreligious in-groups over out-groups. When religious values were not involved, a strong us-versus-them favoritism did not apply.

How did fundamentalism affect American society in the 1920’s?

Fundamentalism and nativism had a significant affect on American society during the 1920’s. These fundamentalists used the bible to guide their actions throughout the 1920’s. A perfect example of this would be the increased amount of charity work done by Christians to help the urban poor.

How is fundamentalism dangerous?

Religious fundamentalism is bad for your health. There are, of course, the ill effects suffered by suicide bombers and their innocent victims. Consider also the sarin gas attacks by the Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth) sect, which killed 12 people in the Tokyo subway in 1995, and sickened 1,000 more.

Who supported restricting immigration in the 1920s and why?

Who supported restricting immigrants in the 1920s and why? Restricting immigrants was something that began with the Ku Klux Klan. They were radicals that there should be a limit on religious and ethnic grounds. Immigrant restrictions were also popular among the American people because they believed in nativism.

Who supported restricting immigration in the 1920s and why why were they more successful?

Why did ideas about restricting immigration through federal legislation gain success in the 1920s? Restricting immigrants gained success because many Americans and Congress were influenced by nativism. From a pseudoscience study, it was determined that there were superior races and inferior races.

Who benefited and who suffered in the New Economy of the 1920s?

Who benefitted and who suffered in the new consumer society of the 1920’s? American multinational corporations benefited worldwide. Workers suffered with little rise in wages, corporations benefited with doubled profits. Monopolies of businesses overtook small companies which made small companies suffer.

How did immigration impact the United States in the 1920s?

Immigrants impacted the United States in the 1920s in several ways. One impact was that the presence of immigrants led to laws to restrict immigration to the United States, especially from South and East Europe. Anti-immigrant groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, also formed and grew in popularity in the 1920s.

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