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What were the results of the Jewish revolt?

What were the results of the Jewish revolt?

OUTCOME OF THE GREAT REVOLT Jewish people were sold in to slavery and many were taken back to Rome. 70, 000 Jewish slaves built the Roman Colliseum. In Judaea, The Temple was destroyed and never rebuilt which instigated a new form of Judaism; Rabbinic Judaism.

Who won the Jewish Roman war?

The revolt established an independent state of Israel over parts of Judea for more than two years, but a Roman army made up of six full legions with auxilia and elements from up to six additional legions finally crushed it.

Why did the Jews revolt in 66 CE?

The artificial class divide, the corruption of both the local and senate governments in the area, and the unbridled disdain for the Jewish people brought about a riot in Caesarea in 66 CE. There, the Zealots, a band of un-Hellenised anti-elite Jews, wiped out the Roman-backed elite Greeks that had inhabited the area.

What was the outcome of the first Jewish revolt?

…to a climax in the First Jewish Revolt against Rome (66–70 ce), when various currents of anti-imperial millennial ideology culminated in a major uprising against the Roman occupation of Judea and Galilee. The destruction of the Second Temple of Jerusalem by the Romans (70 ce), exile, and persecution intensified Jewish….

Who was the leader of the Jewish revolt in AD 67?

Vespasian began his campaign in AD 67 in Galilee, where a young priest, Joseph, was in command. His army numbered more than 50,000 men. Vespasian took Sepphoris, Jotapata (where Joseph surrendered to the general and became the Roman scribe Josephus), and several other towns with brutal force.

Where did the Jews revolt in the Roman Empire?

A BLOODY REBELLION The Gentiles in Caesarea, hearing of the violence against fellow Romans in Jerusalem, rose against the Jews of that town. Within a day, 20,OOO Jews were killed. This slaughter of men, women, and children, young and old, was repeated in many places in the country and throughout the empire, including Syria and Egypt.

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