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Where can I rent a house with a pet?

Where can I rent a house with a pet?

The aim of our Lets with Pets scheme is to help pet owners find rented homes with their pets. We have highlighted the property websites and online agencies below because we believe they make it easy to search for pet-friendly properties, which takes some of the stress out of house hunting with a pet. Zoopla has a pet-friendly property filter.

Are there any landlords that are pet friendly?

We are pleased to offer pet friendly letting and work hard to encourage our landlords to explore the benefits of allowing tenants and their well behaved pets to move in to their property. Please click one of the links below to find out more about renting a property with your pet.

Can a landlord keep a pet in South Africa?

One of the more delicate and contentious issues in leases in South Africa is the debate surrounding pets in a rental property and the restriction of keeping pets within a lease and how reasonable this is.

What happens when a tenant has a pet?

“Generally pets can result in much conflict at the end of leases, with dogs often the cause of damage to the gardens, wooden floors and the like. Flea infestations, the remnants of pet hair or foul smells and damage to carpets often crop up too.

Can you have more than one dog on a rental property?

Something like “two cats,” “one dog” or “one dog under 50 pounds.” You can also require that you meet and approve the pet first. And, if your jurisdiction permits it, you can require a separate pet deposit if the animal causes damage to your property.

What happens if you rent a house with a pet?

If you allow pets, your rental will appeal to a larger audience and help ensure you find a great renter for your property. Increased rental income. Many landlords who allow pets charge a pet deposit, pet fee or additional pet rent each month. And if there aren’t any pet damages, you’ll end up with additional rental income. More renewed leases.

How to find a pet friendly rental property?

Here are some of our best pointers for finding a pet-friendly rental: Start early. You’ll be much more likely to find a place to live if you have enough time. It will take hard work and diligence, no matter what, but the more time you have to look, and the more lead time you can give a landlord, and the more options you will have. Think small.

What do I need to know about renting a dog?

For example, you can require that dogs and cats be licensed, spayed or neutered, and current on vaccinations. One thing to keep in mind: Some insurance companies and homeowners associations have breed restrictions or other pet rules, so check before updating your rental agreement.

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