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Where did the Brahmins come from?

Where did the Brahmins come from?

Most Brahmins are located in the Northern states of India which includes Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, and small concentrations in the southern states which includes Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Brahman, also spelled Brahmin, Sanskrit Brāhmaṇa (“Possessor of Brahma”), highest ranking of the four varnas, or social classes, in Hindu India.

Where do Brahmins come from in India?

These Brahmins had travelled from Kashmir and the banks of the Saraswat river, via Bengal, to the Konkan coast. Another migration happened when Brahmins were called to Madurai and Tanjore, from Maharashtra. This is how the Sanskrit cosmopolis spread across India during this period.

Who were Brahmin priests?

The Brahmins held the most power in Hindu society , they were priests, otherwise known as the spiritual and intellectual leaders of the society. “They devoted their time to studying, teaching, performing sacrifices, and officiating religious services” (Nigosian 136).

Is the any Brahmin king of India?

There are no Brahmin kings or kingdoms at present. The nearest History records suggest that Peshwas of Pune ruled most of India for 200 years. They were Brahmins. In free India many Brahmin Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers have ruled ,not by reservation but by merit.

Who is the richest Brahmin in India?

5. Brahmin

  • Anupam Kher – Bollywood Actor.
  • Pranab Mukherjee – Thirteen President of India.
  • Narayan Murthy – Chairman of Infosys.
  • Rabindranath Tagore – Poet/Writer.
  • Vijay Mallya – Founder of Kingfisher.
  • Satya Narayan Nadella – Microsoft’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Sunder Ranjan Pichai – CEO of Google.
  • V.

How is the Brahmin caste related to the priesthood?

For example, a Brahmin who begins farming (not only as an absentee land-owner, but actually tilling the land himself) may be considered ritually contaminated, and can be barred from later entering the priesthood. Nonetheless, the traditional association between the Brahmin caste and priestly duties remains strong.

Where do the Hindu priests in India come from?

Hindu priest. Traditionally, priests have come from the Brahmin varna, although in various parts of India, people from other communities (such as Lingayats in parts of Karnataka) have performed the function. In modern times, archakas have been recruited from various communities with lesser regard to caste. Hindu priests are known…

What were Brahmins?

A Brahmin is a member of the highest caste or varna in Hinduism. The Brahmins are the caste from which Hindu priests are drawn, and are responsible for teaching and maintaining sacred knowledge.

What do you need to be a priest in India?

The required qualification to be a priest is that the person is a Brahmin. But the word Brahmin needs to defined carefully. Here the word Brahmin refers to Brahmin varna. In common usage however, the word Brahmin refers to a group of castes.

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