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Where does Michael Craig-Martin live?

Where does Michael Craig-Martin live?

Michael Craig-Martin lives and works in London.

How old is Michael Craig-Martin?

79 years (August 28, 1941)
Michael Craig-Martin/Age

Where did Michael Craig-Martin come from?

Dublin, Ireland
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Is Michael Craig-Martin knighted?

Craig-Martin was an artist trustee of Tate from 1989 to 1999, and was elected to the Royal Academy in 2006. In 2016 he was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for his services to art. Craig-Martin lives and works in London.

What does Michael Craig Martin create?

Michael Craig-Martin

Sir Michael Craig-Martin
Known for Painting drawing conceptual artist
Notable work An Oak Tree
Movement Conceptualism

What Colours did Michael Craig Martin use?

A book, a chair, a shoe, with the colours red, green, yellow, pink, purple. I try to use colours in their purest form.

What material does Michael Craig Martin use?

This painting was made by the Irish artist Michael Craig-Martin in London in 1996. It was executed on a single piece of medium-weight, cotton duck canvas that was initially primed with an acrylic gesso before being attached to an expandable stretcher.

Why did Michael Craig Martin draw objects?

“When I started drawing these ordinary, everyday objects in the late 1970s, I thought they were pretty stable in the world; I assumed that they would not change over time. When I first drew a lightbulb, I had no idea that it would become a thing of design history,” he is quoted in the exhibition text.

What does Michael Craig-Martin create?

What materials did Michael Craig-Martin use?

What colours did Michael Craig-Martin use?

Does Michael Craig-Martin use paint?

Since the late 1970s, Craig-Martin has primarily produced paintings, drawings and reliefs depicting everyday objects in the same highly stylised manner used in Knowing (see also Full Life 1985, Tate T07392).

What Colours did Michael Craig-Martin use?

What type of art does Michael Craig-Martin create?

DrawingConcept art
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