Who is responsible for the violence in Darfur?

Who is responsible for the violence in Darfur?

One side of the conflict is mainly composed of the Sudanese military, police and the Janjaweed, a Sudanese militia group whose members are mostly recruited among Arabized indigenous Africans and a small number of Bedouin of the northern Rizeigat; the majority of other Arab groups in Darfur remained uninvolved.

Who are the rebels referred to in Darfur?

The most dominant rebel group currently in Darfur is the Justice and Equality Movement, or JEM. The other three important entities are factions of the Sudan Liberation Movement, or SLA. The SLA and the JEM were the two rebel groups that launched the initial rebellion against the Sudanese government in 2003.

What tribe was most hard hit by the Sudanese government?

The genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan is the most recent violent episode in a country where a 20-year civil war has killed an estimated two million people and displaced more than four million. The Dinka tribe has been hardest hit.

Is Darfur a country?

The Darfur region lies in the western part of the Sudan (Africa’s largest country), near the borders with Libya, Chad, and Central African Republic. The population of Darfur was estimated in 2002 at about six million, eighty percent of whom live in the rural areas.

Why were the Dinka boys called the Lost Boys?

They were called “Lost Boys” because, during the civil war that’s been going on in Sudan (a country in Africa) for the past 20 years, thousands of boys ended up trying to survive together after their families were killed. It was amazing how Peter Dut took us back to the scene when his family was killed.

What caused the crisis in Darfur?

Environmental degradation and competition over resources can be understood as principal causes of communal conflict in Darfur, but the ongoing carnage is also a product of a long history of ethnic marginalization and manipulation by Sudan’s ruling elites.

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