Who is the lead singer of Tenth Avenue North?

Who is the lead singer of Tenth Avenue North?

Tenth Avenue NorthSince 2000
Passion Conferences
Mike Donehey/Music groups

Is Tenth Avenue North disbanding?

Christian band Tenth Avenue North are calling it quits as they have embarked on their farewell tour. A lengthy post entitled “Farewell” was made on Instagram by the band’s frontman, Mike Donehey. He begins with, “Words always seem to fail when it comes to farewell.

Where does Tenth Avenue North Live?

West Palm Beach
Tenth Avenue North was an American contemporary Christian music (CCM) band from West Palm Beach, Florida that took its name from an east-west road in Palm Beach County. The group was formed while members attended Palm Beach Atlantic University….

Tenth Avenue North
Labels Reunion
Website www.tenthavenuenorth.com

What happened to Tenth Avenue North?

After 20 years in existence, Tenth Avenue North announced on their social media that the band is saying farewell. Their upcoming tour, the “Finally Living” tour, will be the band’s last official tour together as Tenth Avenue North.

What band is Mike Donehey in?

Mike Donehey/Music groups
Michael Morgan Donehey (born September 30, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist primarily known for his work in the contemporary Christian band Tenth Avenue North.

How did Tenth Avenue North start?

“Tenth Avenue North” came on to the Christian music industry scene through a Florida college, which is now a university, called Palm Beach Atlantic University. Through this college experience, not only did a street name become the band’s name, but this is the place where they found their purpose in Christ.

When did Tenth Avenue North start?

Tenth Avenue North/Active from

What band was Brendan Shirley in?

Tenth Avenue NorthSince 2009
Brendon Shirley/Music groups

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