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Who is the mother of Shiva?

Who is the mother of Shiva?


Parents Himavan (father) Maināvati (mother)
Siblings Ganga (elder sister) Vishnu (brother)
Consort Shiva
Children Ganesha and Kartikeya

Who were parents of Lord Shiva?

Originally Answered: Who are lord Shiva’s parents? Brahma,Vishnu and Siva are swayambhu. They originated on their own. Vishnu originated first.

Who is the father and mother of Lord Vishnu?

Vishnu is said to descend in form of an avatar to restore cosmic order. According to the Mahabharata (Adi Parva), his father was Kashyapa and his mother Kadru. Four Kumars.

Who was Lord Shiva born?

Many believe that God Shiva is a Sayambhu – which means He is not born from a human body. He was created automatically! He was there when there was nothing and He will remain even after everything is destructed. That is why; he is also loving called as the ‘Adi-Dev’ which means the ‘Oldest God of the Hindu mythology.

Who is father of Shiva god?

The nineteen avatars of Lord Shiva. This avatar of Lord Shiva was born to Sage Dadhichi and his wife, Swarcha. However, he lost his parent’s son after his birth.

Is any father of Lord Shiva?

No, There is no father of lord Shiva. He is swambhu.

Who is father of Shiva God?

Who is father of Vishnu God?

Shiva replied that Brahma is his father. Then the saint went on to ask him who is his grandfather… Shiva replied that Vishnu is his grandfather. Then the saint further went on to ask him who is his great grandfather.

Who is Kali’s husband?

god Shiva
She is often portrayed standing or dancing on her husband, the god Shiva, who lies prostrate beneath her. Many of those portrayals depict her sticking out her tongue, which is sometimes said to indicate her surprise and embarrassment at discovering that she is trampling on her husband.

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