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Who is the owner of Art Van Furniture?

Who is the owner of Art Van Furniture?

Thomas H. Lee Partners
Warren-based Art Van Furniture sold itself in early 2017 to Boston-based private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners in a $612.5 million deal that included the sale of Art Van stores’ real estate to new landlords, who began to charge the stores rent. Art Van Eslander died a year later at age 87.

How did Art Van die?

lung cancer
Archie A. Van Elslander, who founded Michigan-based Art Van Furniture and donated millions of dollars to causes he championed, died early Monday from complications related to lung cancer. He was 87.

Who started Art Van?

Art Van Elslander
Art Van Furniture/Founders
Archie “Art” Van Elslander founded Art Van in 1959, opening his first store in East Detroit. Van Elslander’s furniture first business was a 4,000 square-foot space on Gratiot Avenue and 10 Mile Road.

When did Art Van Elslander die?

February 12, 2018
Art Van Elslander/Date of death

Who bought Art Van 2020?

US Realty Acquisitions LLC, founded by investors Jeff Love, acquired the assets and leases of the Art Van stores out of U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware for $6.9 million, according to court records, and was finalized Tuesday.

Why did Art Van close down?

Art Van stopped its liquidation sales the weekend of March 21 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, numerous customers have made complaints online and to the Free Press about having paid for merchandise during the going-out-of-business sales, but never receiving it.

Who bought art van 2020?

Is Art Van out of business?

Art Van Furniture filed for Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy on March 9 and the case later converted into a Chapter 7 liquidation. All of its 169 locations in multiple states closed, and about 1,000 Michigan employees were laid off.

Will Art Van come back?

Then came one more twist at Art Van: In early February the founder’s heirs won bankruptcy court approval to buy the brand for $6 million. They declined to speak about their plans. But after thousands of employees were fired and all its stores closed, Art Van will soon be back in the family’s hands.

Is art van out of business?

What happens to art van warranty?

Art Van Furniture warranties to be defunct after company goes out of business. Customers who have a balance on their Art Van credit card are still responsible for paying the bill, Langton said. As the company goes out of business, those payments will eventually be redirected to a court or trustee.

Is Art Van going out of business?

What caused Art Van closing?

Warren — Art Van Furniture, a Metro Detroit institution and one of the largest furniture retailers in the Midwest, will close all of its company-owned stores and liquidate its inventory after struggling with changing furniture-shopping habits and heavy debt following its acquisition by a private equity firm three years …

Can you still buy from Art Van?

In March, Art Van announced it would close all of its company-owned and liquidate its inventory. Days later, it filed for bankruptcy. In late March, due in part to the coronavirus pandemic, the retailer laid off its employees and suspended all sales.

What happens to Art Van warranty?

Is Art Van warranty still good?

Is anyone honoring Art Van warranty?

“The general rule is that warranties likely will not be honored by Art Van,” said Langton. “That warranty is no good unless the manufacturer will assume the damage, if there is such a thing.” Art Van is telling customers with concerns to contact their team at 888-427-8826.

What is going on with Art Van?

What Art Van Furniture stores are closing?

The liquidation sales will begin Friday, March 6 at all Art Van Furniture, Art Van PureSleep and Scott Shuptrine Interiors in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri, as well as select Wolf stores in Maryland and Virginia.

Do I still have to pay my Art Van credit card?

If you’ve got a balance on your Art Van credit card, you still have to pay. “If you just bought furniture from Art Van and you’re on a payment plan, for example, pay those bills!

Archie “Art” Van Elslander founded Art Van in 1959, opening his first store in East Detroit. Van Elslander’s furniture first business was a 4,000 square-foot space on Gratiot Avenue and 10 Mile Road. He expanded to three stores in that same year, and a fourth store opened in 1960.

Is Art Van really going out of business?

After more than 60 years, Art Van is going out of business. AVF Holdings, Inc., announced it will wind down operations and begin liquidation sales March 6 at all of its company owned stores in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio. Elslander sold Art Van Furniture to Thomas H. Lee Partners in 2017.

What did Art Van Elslander do for a living?

The Detroit native and son of a Belgian immigrant worked nearly all his life, hawking newspapers as a boy, clothing as a teen and furniture as an adult. He donated a significant portion of his fortune to help save the city’s Thanksgiving parade, feed the hungry and cure the sick.

What does the AA Van Elslander Foundation do?

AA Van Elslander Foundation | We are proud to provide support to qualifying charities within the State of Michigan which provide assistance for the following areas: children, health and human services.

How did Art Van Elslander save Thanksgiving Day Parade?

A proud supporter of America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit, Van Elslander is credited with saving the parade when, about 30 years ago, it was so financially strapped it almost shut down. Van Elslander wrote a check for about $225,000 to keep it going. In later years, Art Van became a title sponsor.

Who is the son of Art Van Furniture?

Van Elslander’s eldest son, Gary Van Elslander, said that the family is heartbroken. In a memo to Art Van Furniture employees, company president and CEO Kim Yost said Van Elslander — known to many more simply as “Mr. Van” — was a man who rose from humble beginnings and grew his family business to one of the top 10 furniture retailers in the nation.

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