Why are there two different menorahs?

Why are there two different menorahs?

There were eight lamps and another one on the side. The confusion comes from the linguistic relationship between menorat hamikdash and menorat hanukkah. They were both called “menorah.” That was an intentional midrashic connection between the lights of Hanukkah and the lights of the Temple.

Is there another name for a menorah?

Name. English speakers most commonly call the lamp a “menorah” or “Hanukkah menorah” (the Hebrew word menorah simply meaning “lamp”).

What kind of Menorah was used in the temple?

The Temple Menorah refers to the original seven-lamp, six-branch menorah, which was made for the Tabernacle and later used in the Temple of Jerusalem. This menorah was made of pure gold and lit with consecrated fresh olive oil, as per the mandates of God.

Can a menorah be made of pure gold?

Gold is a very heavy material, an a very soft material. A menorah made of solid pure gold would not be able to support itself. A thin gold menorah supported by an internal “skeleton” would be able to support itself. Another physical property of gold is that two separate pieces of gold, when beaten together, molecularly become a single piece.

Why does the Menorah have a white almond blossom?

Therefore, the white almond blossom is a symbol of life and purity. God paid attention to the details from the very beginning; for he commanded that every single almond blossom on the Menorah should consist of three parts, namely, the cups, buds and blossoms (petals). Together they are 3×22=66 single flower parts.

How many scrolls are there in the Menorah?

The Menorah has 3×8+3=27 connections from the lowest to the top flower of the shaft toward the 6 lamps (the 6 is the number of man) and the NT was written on 27 scrolls. The 27 connections stands for the 27 books of the NT. Together, there are 22+27=49 scrolls of the Bible.

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