Avenger Thesis Skin By Thesisawesome: Review

I’m a fan of  Thesis theme. I have a handful of blogs running on Thesis theme. The beauty of Thesis is that it is a framework and not just a theme. So you can make unlimited number of unique looking blogs using Thesis.

Now Thesis theme is not just about the looks. It is more than that! There are loads of SEO features that help you optimize your blog efficiently for search engines. Read my full review of Thesis theme to learn how to optimize your blog for search engines using Thesis theme.

Since Thesis is a framework and you can make it look the way you want, you can either go for custom designing or ready-made Thesis Skins.

I personally love the Thesis Skins by Thesisawesome. The latest addition to their skin gallery is a kick-ass skin called Avenger. You can see it in action right here on this blog.

Avenger Thesis Skin By Thesisawesome: Review

Why Avenger?


The first thing I love about this skin is that it so clean. There is no clutter, whatsoever, with the look of your blog when you install Avenger. In my opinion, clean is professional.

Gear up list building

If you’re struggling to build  your list, this skin lifts the weight off your shoulders. The skin offers very cool header, sidebar and footer optin forms, which are not only eye-catching but also at the optimal positions.

Don’t like the default color of the forms? Or is the form color not matching with the general colors of your blog? No problem! You can change the color of the forms; you can even insert background images (you can choose to either repeat or not repeat them).

Take a look yourself.

Click to enlarge….

Custom Widgets and ads

With one click you can insert custom widgets in places shown below. Once you’ve inserted the widgets, you can simply go to Widget settings to input Adsense code, custom ad code or whatever you want to put in there.

Cool Author box

If your blog allows for guest posts, Avenger skin helps you to reward your authors with a nice Author box. When enabled, this option adds social profile fields on author profiles.

When those fields are filled out, the author box becomes a rich one, really :).

Get Avenger now at $30 off!

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If you buy Avenger Thesis skin now, you can get it for a cool $30 off. The price will be just $37 (it will go up to $67 at the end of February 2012).

To avail the $30 discount click the here to buy Avenger Thesis skin and use the discount code F164.

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