How do you respond to a quote?

How do you respond to a quote?

Thank you for your quotation & itinerary. Thank you for your quotation & itinerary. We”re very impress with the itinerary that you design for us. Unfortunately, due to the quotation was over our budget, we seek your kind consideration to revise the price.

How do you respond to a statement in an essay?

Writing a Response or Reaction PaperIdentify the author and title of the work and include in parentheses the publisher and publication date. Write an informative summary of the material.Condense the content of the work by highlighting its main points and key supporting points.Use direct quotations from the work to illustrate important ideas.

How do you respond to a request for a quote?

Responding to a request for quoteCall them or ask them to call you. I’m really not a phone person, but I do think that a phone call makes a good impression. E-mail them and ask for more information. E-mail them your basic information about rates and terms of service.

How do I explain a quote?

EXPLAIN: Make sure to explain your quotes….Here are some examples:According to Michael Smith, “you should use the author’s first and last name when you cite that author for the first time in your paper” (1).As Smith explains, “you can introduce your quotes with a number of different phrases” (1).

How do you write a long direct quote?

Long quotations Place direct quotations that are 40 words or longer in a free-standing block of typewritten lines and omit quotation marks. Start the quotation on a new line, indented 1/2 inch from the left margin, i.e., in the same place you would begin a new paragraph.

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