Why should I go to Tufts?

Why should I go to Tufts?

The Carnegie Foundation ranks Tufts as an institution with very high research activity, its highest classification. There are a wealth of opportunities for undergraduate students to join faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers on research across all disciplines.

What are Tufts students like?

Tufts students run the gamut. Generally, students here are politically liberal, and there’s a fair amount of “social justice warriors” who make their views and presence on campus very visible. But it’s a very accepting community overall.

How many letters of recommendation does Tufts require?

one letter

Does Tufts do early action?

If that sounds like your current situation, that’s why places like Tufts offer Early Decision as an application option. If that rings true, make an appointment with your guidance counselor to discuss Early Decision. (We don’t offer Early Action at Tufts, so I’m focusing on the binding option.)

Is Tufts a good school?

First of all, Tufts is a great university, but it is not great as Harvard. Tufts has many good schools however, it has only one great and prestigious school, Fletcher school. Fletcher school is the crown jewel of Tufts University the only School can compete with Harvard Kennedy School and other Top schools.

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