What should I put on my wedding website?

What should I put on my wedding website?

You can add as much or as little detail as you’d like to your Wedding Website. The important thing is to answer who, what, when and where. It’s helpful for wedding guests to access your linked wedding registry from your website as well as any relevant hotel information and maps.

Can You sync your wedding registry to your website?

With The Knot Registry, you can easily sync your wedding registry to your website. Your guests will have no trouble finding your wishlist, newlywed or honeymoon fund or preferred philanthropies. 2. Adults-Only Announcements

Where can I Find my Wedding Registry information?

Wedding invitations (and save-the-dates) are still no place for your registry information since it’s not mandatory for guests to give you a gift. Leave all implied gift requests to your site so it doesn’t look like you’re expecting presents off the bat. With the The Knot Registry, you can sync your registry to your website in no time.

How can I link my WeddingWire to my website?

Make it easy for your guests by linking your WeddingWire Registry to your website. Guest responses on your website will automatically sync with your Guest List. Share hotel details and unlock special rates for your guests. Simply choose your favorite (free!) design and add your event details.

What to do when your wedding website is no longer searchable?

Go to your Wedding Website Dashboard and select “Settings.” Under “Website Visibility” switch the toggle for “Allow your site to appear in search engines” to “No” and save. After 30 days your website will no longer be searchable.

What should I include on my wedding website?

First things first, the information that you should without a doubt include on your wedding website. It goes without saying that you need to cover the basics; Who, What, Where and When.

Why is it important to have a wedding website?

Your wedding website can be a super helpful tool to help guests scope out exactly where they’re headed. This is particularly useful for venues that might be a little off the beaten track, or if you have guests arriving from overseas or interstate who aren’t familiar with the local area.

Can You Link your wedding registry to your website?

To make shopping as easy as possible, link your registry to your wedding website. (Psst: with The Knot, you can easily add your registry to your wedding website for a stress-free process.) Doing so will help your guests stick to the wishlist and get you gifts you actually want.

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