Who is the owner of Muslim Directory app?

Who is the owner of Muslim Directory app?

Samad Rafe
It’s been an unexpectedly busy week for Samad Rafe, the chief executive officer for a healthcare technology company in Brooklyn Center and founder of the Islamic prayer app Muslim Directory.

What is the best Muslim prayer app?

These apps also provide the most accurate features that are Azan, Qibla, Islamic calendar, and Islamic events that are the best feature of the apps….Muslim Globe is a simple application and user-friendly application with beautiful and attractive designing icons.

  • 2 Muslim Pro.
  • 3 Ezan Vakti Pro.
  • 4 Muslim Mate.
  • 5 Prayer Times.

What are the Islamic names?

Popular Baby Names , origin Muslim

Name Meaning Origin
Aa’idah Name of a narrator of hadith Muslim
Aaban Name of the Angel Muslim
Aabidah Worshipper Muslim
Aabirah Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral Muslim

Do Muslims pro track you?

Muslim Pro sells location data to a third-party broker called X-Mode, according to Motherboard’s report. X-Mode has sold location data to defense contractors, according to its website, which in turn provide the data to the US Department of Defense.

Can I pray Isha at 2am?

‘Isha prayer must be performed before midnight, and it is not permissible to delay it until midnight, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The time of ‘Isha’ is until midnight” (narrated by Muslim, al-Masaajid wa Mawaadi’ al-Salaah, 964).

What is the Lucky name?

Along with Asher and Felicity, other names that mean luck in the US Top 1000 include Benedict, Bennett, Chance, Evangeline, Felix, Fisher, Iris, and Jade. Other lucky baby names you may consider include Beatrix, Clover, Penny, or even Lucky itself.

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